Modern Workplace

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, are you ready for it?


Where We Focus:

Digital Transformation is a business imperative which cannot be ignored.

Decision Inc. enables businesses to radically improve productivity, experience and engagement,
for their customers, employees and partners.


Engage Your Customers

Your entire customer value chain has an impact on your customer experience, it is vital to transform your ways of doing business to keep up with the ever-increasing client demand.

Empower Your Employees

Employees achieve more when they are empowered with solutions which enable more intelligence, collaboration, automation and flexibility in their workplace.

Change Business Operations

Enabling companies to be more productive improves profitability and unlocks efficiency in the value chain.

Adapt Business Models

Survival depends on adaptation and businesses everywhere need to embrace digital transformation to enable them to differentiate and diversify their product and service offerings.

How We Achieve This:

Digital Advisory

Experience Design

Software & Technology

Business Process Optimisation

Managed Services

Digital Advisory

We use information, technology and experience to increase the value and efficiency of every aspect of your business

Digital transformation has forever changed the nature of competition, the business landscape no longer conforms to traditional structures and your business is under threat from industries and markets which didn’t previously exist.


Experience Design

Customer experience is the sum of all experiences which a client encounters when engaging with your business.

These experiences encompass all channels, technologies, products and services – defining how effectively your business ultimately satisfies your customers’ needs.

We integrate user experience, marketing and technology solutions to provide consistently exceptional customer experiences for your users.

Software & Technology

We ensure that our solutions are always supported by the most appropriate technology enabler.

While we engage with a customer centric strategy lead approach, our selection of technology partners is designed to ensure that our solutions are always supported by the most appropriate technology enabler.

We firmly believe that the business challenge should never be molded to fit a particular technology as this risks the overall success of the digital initiative.


Business Process Optmisation

We design processes and automate business solutions to maximise the benefit of digital transformation not only to your entire organisation but also to your employees and customers. 

SharePoint Managed Services

Inadequate management of your software and Microsoft SharePoint environments can have catastrophic consequences causing security vulnerabilities, lost data and downtime.

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