In the realm of uncertainty, opportunities and risks intertwine. To unlock the finest possibilities for your business, it is crucial to challenge our initial assumptions about what constitutes success.

Data and analytics have become fundamental components of the modern business landscape. However, many organisations struggle to maximise the potential of their data assets. Building out a data and analytics capability without a clear focus on achieving strategic business outcomes often leads to a complex and difficult-to-manage data estate. Legacy technology, complex integrations, and key-man dependencies can all contribute to the loss of control over data assets. To address this challenge, progressive organisations are infusing data and analytics into business strategy and digital transformation. By creating a vision of a data-driven enterprise and quantifying and communicating business outcomes, these organisations are unlocking the true potential of business data. In addition, IT leaders need to embrace AI as it becomes mainstream in enterprises. They need to adopt AI best practices to derive true value from AI investments. Looking ahead to 2026, Gartner projects that AI-powered analytics tools, specifically tailored for product and customer experience (CX), will emerge as the leading source of insights, driving 40% of digital product enhancements.

So, whether you face a lack of data and analytics strategy, challenges with regulatory and compliance requirements, internal/external reporting demands, or the need to build a successful hybrid cloud/on-premise strategy, our team of experts can help you harness the power of your business data for success.


Benefits of Leveraging Our Data Analytics Expertise

Unlock the power of your data by transforming it into intelligent action

Solve your business problems faster, at scale and more accurately

Deliver a connected experience to ALL your STAKEHOLDERS


Our Data Analytics work with customers over the last 10 years has consistently helped them deliver real business value


Reduction in time taken to prepare executive market share reports for global retailer by using our analytics platform


Return on investment for services client after 3.4 months of using consolidated data platform and reporting tools


Increase in reporting platform performance by National Hospital Group


Increase in team productivity for a global bank after switching to our regulatory reporting platform



Build a scalable data platform with a clear focus for the future.


Resolve data issues and ensure a more consistent approach.

data governance

Unlock your data assets for scale with a comprehensive Data Governance framework.

data science & ai

Our Data Science & AI offering is a cutting-edge service designed to help organisations unlock the full potential of their data.

reporting & business intelligence

From pixel perfect financial reporting to highly visual dashboards, we build, implement and support robust business intelligence platforms that deliver timely information.

cloud data modernisation

Cloud Data Modernisation is a comprehensive service designed to help organisations scale their data operations in the cloud.

build a data driven culture

Our Data Driven Culture service offers businesses a comprehensive solution to become data-driven enterprises that can meet the demands of the digital age and grow sustainably.

data literacy

Our Data Literacy offering addresses the major blockers to successful data and analytics initiatives: a lack of skills and understanding.

productivity ()

Customer Intelligence for CPG Manufacturing

Enhance efficiency with your Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing. Our team of experts has helped many FMCG organisations with a tailored end-to-end Customer Intelligence platform.



No matter where you are on your data analytics journey, whether you’re launching a platform initiative, moving to the cloud, or modernising your existing data estate, our products can help your company go from data to insights.

Our Solutions for Getting Started on Your Analytics Journey


Specific Analytics Solutions for those Already on an Analytics Journey


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Decision Inc. optimises the customer service of a global beverage conglomerate through its data quality programme

Decision Inc. optimises the customer service of a global beverage conglomerate through its data quality programme

A global brewing and beverage conglomerate improved its customer service levels significantly, thanks to the implementation of the Decision Inc. data quality programme. This programme provided the client with complete visibility of its master data landscape. It highlighted errors and incomplete data sets to improve the accuracy of customer location data. Ultimately this resulted in more accurate tracking of orders and massive cost savings.

Benefiting from an Information Landscape Assessment

Benefiting from an Information Landscape Assessment

The explosive growth of big data means companies can gain greater insights across the entire organisation. Thanks to the real-time nature of the digital world, decision-makers can more dynamically react to market conditions than in the past. A vital tool, which helps unpack the potential in this environment, is the Information Landscape Audit (ILA).

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