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Accelerate business value through Data & Analytics

Qlik Data Analytics Platform

Bring actionable insights into every decision with the most complete BI platform anywhere.

Qlik Data Integration Platform

Operationalise DataOps for analytics, delivering trusted analytics-ready data in near real-time.

Data Analytics as a Service

Build an Analytics Centre of Excellence, helping business to leverage data more effectively.

Qlik Data Literacy Program

Maximise the value of your data and analytics investments with our data literacy expertise.

Data Analytics Platform

When data leads, transformation follows. Get to know the most complete data analytics platform for modern business intelligence.

We would love to seak to you about Qlik and how we can help you tell the story of your data.

Qlik Sense

The most powerful and complete solution for modern BI

Our next-generation data analytics platform empowers every user to do more with data. Combine any number of data sources, no matter how large or complex.

Freely explore interactive selections, global search, and natural language interaction. And discover more with powerful, smart visualisations and AI-generated insights. You’re no longer limited by linear exploration or cumbersome data preparation.


Our classic guided analytics solution

QlikView lets you rapidly develop and deliver interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards.

QlikView and the game-changing Associative Engine it is built on, revolutionised the way organisations use data, putting BI in the hands of more people than ever before.

Put world-class, modern analytics in everyone’s hands

Qlik Sense is for all of us – executives, decision-makers, analysts… you. Enable any BI use case and let users freely search and explore to uncover insights they won’t find with query-based BI tools.

Create a data literate workforce with AI and conversational interaction

Augmented intelligence instantly raises the data literacy of every user, suggesting insights and automating processes while understanding your questions and answering in natural language.

Deploy your way – from enterprise SaaS to your cloud of choice

With a true multi-cloud architecture, deploy any combination of SaaS, on-premise, and private cloud. Scale confidently with enterprise-class data integration, open APIs, and flexible governance.

Ride the next wave with Qlik Sense. Start your free trial.

Data Integration Platform

Deliver faster, better insights with modern DataOps for analytics from Qlik (Attunity).

To lead in the digital age, everyone in your business needs easy access to the latest and most accurate data. Qlik enables a DataOps approach, vastly accelerating the discovery and availability of real-time, analytics-ready data by automating data streaming (CDC), refinement, cataloguing and publishing.

DataOps for Analytics

Modern data integration that delivers real-time, analytics-ready and actionable data to any analytics environment, from Qlik to Tableau, PowerBI and beyond.

Real-Time Data Streaming (CDC)

Extend Enterprise data into live streams to enable modern analytics and microservices with a simple, real-time and universal solution.

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Agile Data Warehouse Automation

Quickly design, build, deploy and manage purpose-built data warehouses without manual coding.

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Managed Data Lake Creation

Automate complex ingestion and transformation processes to provide continuously updated and analytics-ready data lakes.

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Qlik Data Literacy Program

Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyse and communicate with data. It’s a skill that empowers all levels of workers to ask the right questions of data and machines, build knowledge, make decisions, and communicate meaning to others.

Why is data literacy important for your business?

IDC, a global provider of market intelligence, forecasts a ten-fold increase in worldwide data by 2025. Increasingly, data-driven organisations will produce data literate employees that contribute more to their roles and help businesses sharpen their competitive edge in an aggressive global economy.

It’s a strategy that can transform your business while building loyalty with a workforce that’s energised and empowered by your investment in their professional development.

Why everyone should be data literate | TEDxBoise
Jordan Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik

Six steps to a best practices data literacy program

Regardless of the size or focus of your business, you can develop a data literacy program by following the steps illustrated in Figure 1. Let’s discuss them in the order you would follow when first establishing the program. Longer-term, you will repeat the cycle to grow the program across the organisation.

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