Maximise your assets, optimise your supply chain and control costs, while maintaining health, safety and environmental standards.

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The mining industry is undergoing major transformation. Mining companies are investing in new technologies and are realising returns in the form of greater equipment uptime and remote monitoring, as well as more efficient and accurate exploration operations.

Mining companies that capitalise on the potential of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and cloud computing to transform their operations will be well-positioned to address resource challenges and environmental pressures moving forward.

Though it isn’t simply about the technology – systems of intelligence represent the combination of technology, people and process that enable feedback loops, and define an organisation’s competitiveness and ability to change the entire industry landscape. It’s about seizing the opportunity to optimise your operations, to change the products and services you offer and to expand into new business models.


Data-Driven Operations & Supply Chain Optimisation

Transform the way your company and people use data to bring a competitive advantage


Empower Employees while Maintaining Safety

Optimise production and maintain safety by delivering tactical, operational, and strategic insights to everyone in the organisation based on their job role and decision making processes.


Advanced Analytics & Business Simulation

Provide a flexible, performant, and scalable storage and processing platform for large volume, complex structured data such as seismic data and digital imaging. Process, visualise, and interpret geological data.


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Pricing volatility and competitive pressure


Increasing demand with limited resources


Increased focus on sustainability


People health and security


Maintenance of ageing assets

In response, mining organisations need cutting-edge technology and systems of intelligence


Mine ERP


Planning Solution


Mine Compliance


Sourcing and Procurement


Asset Management



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