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Many organisations have invested heavily in Data Science and Advanced Analytic initiatives and have failed to achieve real business outcomes. The key to getting the best value for your business is:

Ask the right questions – Focus on what the true problem is. A clear strategy and focus areas are required to succeed.

Talent – It’s challenging to find the right mix of skills to run effective analytics project. Make sure you have a clear mix of domain, data and statistical skills as this is a prerequisite for effective projects.

Embedding of Insights into Process – Impactful insights should be embedded into business processes.

At Decision Inc. we help clients identify, build and run impactful data science and advanced analytics implementations. Our team of data scientists help to extract maximum value from data assets. We collaborate  on your most challenging analytical use cases to deliver business outcomes.

Discover trends & patterns, solve problems & accurately predict future outcomes
Improve insight and perspective for planning, forecasting and decision-making
Improve agility for business development & support for day-to-day business decisions


Value Focused Approach


Analytical & domain experts


proven use cases


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We link your analytics strategies to real business outcomes

Identifying Data Science use cases – Identifying an optimal use case to deliver on is one of the most challenging parts of an advanced analytics initiative. We focus on delivering outcomes and formulating a strong business case to support your analytics investment.

Conducting the experiment – We aim to rapidly develop, evaluate the outcomes, and re-design our approach in every data science and analytics initiative. We learn and re-think how to achieve your desired outcomes.

Delivering impactful results – Delivering meaningful insights that are aimed at increasing profits, cutting costs or improving organisations efficiencies are our core focus.





We have the team that can make an impact

Organisations expect impactful outcomes to their analytics investments and it’s important to have a strong team who can deliver successful advanced analytics initiatives. Looking beyond a data scientist as the lynchpin, one always needs a strong team of individuals to collaborate in order to achieve true business success.

At Decision Inc. we have passionate, people-focused technology transformation to achieve business outcomes. With a range of talents and skills, we deploy the strongest team for your project and ensure we run successful analytics engagements that deliver outcomes.




Today’s priority is productivity

Proven use cases

Decision Inc. has delivered many bespoke analytics engagements. We have developed proven use cases that have real business value.




Propensity Modelling

Our Customer and Product propensity models group customers and baskets into discrete “missions,” predicting what customers will buy.

Customers are grouped together based on buying behaviour and demographical attributes, ensuring that they are presented with products and services tailored to their specific needs.




Decision Inc.’s financial and demand forecasts provide benchmarks and a decision-making platform for budgeting and stock planning.

By analysing Price Elasticity and Product Affinity, one can better understand the benefits of promotional effectiveness and product bundling. In addition, brand loyalty allows retailers to better negotiate promotional offerings.

Customer Churn

Decision Inc’s customer churn solution predicts which customers are likely to abandon your products or services. We identify those customers for you to ensure that they are engaged and continue to use your product of services.

Procurement Optimisation

Decision Inc.’s procurement optimisation solution identifies opportunities for cost saving and curbing escalating procurement costs.By identifying which drivers contribute the most to changes in procurement costs, ways to maximise cost savings are highlighted.

Supply Chain Analytics

Our Supply Chain analytics solution optimises supply chain management. Through our Just-in-Time supply process (JIT) you can ensure that your clients receive supply as they need it, and only in the amounts required.



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