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Cutting through the noise of generative AI

Generative AI – the topic currently taking the world by storm. Since the dawn of ChatGPT, Generative AI has become a corporate talking point, and there are countless predictions of how it will be reshaping businesses. But amidst the wealth of information, finding clarity on how it benefits your business can be overwhelming.

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Scaling your business through data-driven insights: Discover the path to becoming a data-driven business, even with limited resources.

Decision Inc. hosted a webinar to enable you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how your company can embrace a data-driven approach, regardless of its size, budget, or skill level.

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Marketing & Sales at the Speed of Data: Accelerate your success with data-driven strategies

Decision Inc. hosted a webinar with ClickDimensions where we deep-dived into how data-driven strategies can help you get the results your business needs! Learn how to increase your sales, streamline your processes, and grow your brand. WATCH NOW!

Risk Management Portal


This webinar showcase why having a risk management portal is vitally important in the current risk landscape and to mitigate and minimise the impact of risks. WATCH NOW!

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Document Management for Mining

During this webinar our mining experts will deep dive into the challenges facing Document Management in Mining today, and how new era technology can help you enhance your document management strategy. WATCH NOW!

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Enhance Your Ability to Execute a Supplier Management Strategy

During this webinar our customer engagement experts will deep dive into the challenges facing Supplier Management today, and how new era technology can help you enhance your supplier management strategy. WATCH NOW!

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Building a Data-Driven Business, Transforming Analytics Capability Through Data and AI

In this complimentary webinar Clinton Etheridge and Peter Gardner our Data & Analytics Experts at Decision Inc. take you through how to transform your analytics capability through data and AI to become a truly data-driven business. WATCH NOW!

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Embracing the new digital finance era in mining

This webinar showcases our Management Planning and Analytical Framework for mines , taking you through the integrated and extended planning and analytics framework with a detailed demonstration of the system in action. WATCH NOW!

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Data Literacy: The key to sustaining digital momentum and drive business strategy.

In this complimentary webinar Adriaan Hubinger, Raymond Robinson and Kashif Samodien our Data Literacy Experts at Decision Inc. take you on a journey to understand what skills your business needs to execute your digital strategy. WATCH NOW!.

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Top 10 Data & Analytics Trends for 2022

In this complimentary webinar Gavin Sheehan – our Data, Information and Analytics Executive at Decision Inc. explores the top trends for 2022 that Data and Analytics leaders cannot afford to ignore, as well as the opportunities these trends will bring for your business over the next 3 years. WATCH NOW!

How to advance your Data Analytics Maturity: Key steps to take you to the next level

In this webinar you can gain insights into the importance of advancing your analytics maturity, learn how to assess if your technology investment is working for you and how to transform your organisation into a data-driven enterprise with Decision Inc.’s Analytics Maturity Value Assessment. WATCH NOW!

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Reengineering Decision-Making: The Future of Business Intelligence

In this Decicion Intelligence webinar you will learn all about the future of business intelligence and key actions you can start implementing now for better decision-making. WATCH NOW!

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Supercharge Your Analytics Project with Self-Service BI

In this insightful webinar we will show you the true value of Self-Service BI and how implementing it correctly can supercharge your analytics project.

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SAP User Forum

Navigating the future of planning with SAP and Decision Inc.

In this SAP Virtual User Forum we will explore how to elevate your decision making with the right SAP planning solution. WATCH NOW!

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Alteryx Webinar

How Mining can take advantage of powerful data analysis tools and techniques to beat the competition

In this webianr where we will explore how gaining deeper insights from your data will help you maximise your assets, optimise your supply chain, save on costs and reduce safety incidents.

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Annual Qlik User Forum

Accelerate Business Value with Data

In this Virtual Annual Qlik User Forum we will explore how to accelerate business value with data and drive your Qlik investment into the future. WATCH NOW!

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The Future of Planning: Expanding Beyond FP&A

In this webinar we’ll show you how to establish a powerful and connected planning ‘platform,’ complete with separate models each department can own, all integrated and synced to your central corporate finance plan (a single source of truth).

Why planning automation for FP&A is a need, not a want

Join this webinar to hear how spreadsheet-based company, Royce Too, implemented Workday Adaptive Planning with minimal IT involvement in under three months.

Build a resilient supply chain to ensure business continuity and maximize profit

Watch this webinar to learn how Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can help you maximize profits and achieve business continuity by addressing end-to-end supply chain visibility, changing customer demands, supply issues, and downtimes due to equipment failures.

Automate Time-Consuming Tasks with Robotic Process Automation

Free your team from mundane, time-consuming, repetitive tasks so they can focus on higher-value work with robotic process automation (RPA). RPA in Microsoft Power Automate can help automate your workflows with step-by-step guidance through its intuitive, low-code interface.

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Experience a new era of analytics with Microsoft Azure Synapse

In this webinar we explore Microsoft’s new Azure Synapse Analytics Platform. It is a limitless analytics service with unmatched time to insight that bring together data integration, enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics – all into a single service.

Intelligent Planning using SAC & BPC

In this webinar we examine how SAP Analytics Cloud can be used to deliver multi-level strategic target setting functionality in combination with BPC to massively reduce friction between processes.

How Manufacturers Can Embrace The New Digital Finance Era Using Extended Planning & Analysis

Calling all Finance Leaders in Manufacturing! Join our managing director of Decision Inc. South Africa, Allan Saffy, in this insightful webinar where he will discuss how the future of planning in manufacturing is changing for the best!

Remote Selling Accelerated

Learn how to put your customers’ needs first with collaborative sales techniques, how to leverage collaboration and communication technologies to tackle remote selling challenges, and how to foster a safe and secure environment for your sales team to boost morale and productivity.

Lead Your Sales Team Through a Crisis Today and in the Future

Learn how to lead your sales team through the four phases of a crisis, empower your sellers with actionable insights, and transform training, operations, and remote collaboration.

Adapt to Customer Needs to Earn Loyalty and Trust

Discover how to meet surging demand with virtual agents, respond to customer feedback and deliver remote support, and use personalized communications to increase customer loyalty.

Enable Seller Productivity by Integrating Office 365 with Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the capabilities and functionalities of Sales Professional. You’ll also see a prospect-to-proposal demo that shows how to integrate Sales Professional, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

IT & Finance join forces to open the door to the Intelligent Enterprise

Today’s technology transforms your analytics to give you unprecedented insights not only based on internal information such as your financial KPIs but taking into account the volatile market each business unit operates within. Wondering how modern technology can be used to transform your business in to an Intelligent Enterprise? Watch the on-demand webinar now

From BI to AI: Amplifying Intuition with Machine Intelligence

The next generation of BI technology will rely heavily on machine intelligence ― and how that intelligence is used matters. The best solutions will support human-centered analysis, giving users at any skill level the ability to gather, visualize, and analyze data. Because the more people you have making discoveries in your data, the more successful you’ll be at navigating Digital Transformation.

Predictive Analytics for Everyone: How AI and Machine Learning Enhance Business Intelligence

More and more businesses are using AI and machine-learning algorithms to influence decision-making. But relying on the output of these black-box models without fully understanding them is risky ― and it isn’t necessary. You can extend predictive analytics to business users in a simple, interactive, and more transparent way.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Get an inside look at top strategies for using data to transform healthcare.

When disruption is nonstop, how do you compete ― and thrive? Digital Transformation is a must, and data is at the heart of it. To pull ahead of the pack, stay in front of the trends, and keep pushing innovation further, you have to consistently reinvent your business ― fast ― with a modern approach to data.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Get an inside look at top strategies for using data to transform manufacturing.

When disruption is nonstop, how do you compete ― and thrive? Digital Transformation is a must, and data is at the heart of it. To pull ahead of the pack, stay in front of the trends, and keep pushing innovation further, you have to consistently reinvent your business ― fast ― with a modern approach to data.

Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Get an inside look at top strategies for using data to transform financial services.

When disruption is nonstop, how do you compete ― and thrive? Digital Transformation is a must, and data is at the heart of it. To pull ahead of the pack, stay in front of the trends, and keep pushing innovation further, you have to consistently reinvent your business ― fast ― with a modern approach to data.

Financial and Regulatory Reporting in 2020

Get all the insights on how to get ahead in 2020 with your Financial and Regulatory Reporting

Learn more about how fitting the right technology into your reporting process will save you days in your close cycles while ensuring that the links between your financial and narrative information remain true and accurate.

Effectively Manage and Motivate your Remote Workforce

Remote working in virtual teams has quickly become our new norm. The accelerated change is largely due to the health and safety requirements of managing the global Covid19 Pandemic, but there are also proven upsides, including higher productivity, lower employee stress and improved retention.

Rapid Scenario Modelling with PowerBI

Scenario modelling is critical in the state of volatility businesses find themselves in. External and operational forces are changing on a day to day basis. We can intuitively understand the scale of the problem, but we struggle, and its frankly impossible, to quantify the exact impact it will have in financial numbers off the top of our heads. This requires more complex maths and necessitates a model of some sort to calculate the combined impact of many variables changing at once.

Business Continuity: Financial Management

Join SAP experts on how to build the financial resilience to weather uncertainty with strength and confidence

Today’s economic reality presents a perfect storm of unprecedented financial challenges for small and midsize companies. Emerging liquidity gaps, limited transparency over financial status, and remote management of financial processes – all these new realities and more are pulling everyone into uncharted territory.

Data Literacy: The Key to Digital Transformation

Operational data is one of the most valuable assets for businesses to achieve digital transformation. Data insights can identify opportunities and define the organization’s path to success. But without trust in your data and an acceptable level of data literacy to properly extract insights, organizations are making uneducated decisions based on faulty premises and incorrect conclusions.

"Shazam!" for your Data

As AI becomes increasingly present ― and important ― so do questions about how to leverage it for business advantage. Some businesses are opting for one-size-fits-all or black-box approaches, but both of those have significant drawbacks. Augmented Intelligence takes the best of today’s AI capabilities and uses them within BI to enhance the best of human knowledge and understanding.

Rapid Scenario Modelling using SAC Value Driver Trees

The ability to carry out Scenario Modelling quickly and effectively, is particularly relevant as all businesses are faced with the challenge of understanding and quantifying the impacts of the current global economic uncertainty on their core business. The ability to model multiple potential financial and operational impacts is crucial to supporting the important decisions required to reduce the impact on your business, employees and supply chain.

An Introduction to the Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is one of the world’s leading platforms for low-code applications. It also includes business intelligence and process automation. While the Power Platform is made of multiple products, they share some important core components. In this session, we will unpack the core components of Power Platform, and learn what those core components are, as well as when to use each of them.

2020 Data & BI Trends: Analytics alone is no longer enough

Technology is getting more powerful every day. We have countless ways to collect information and connect people, yet the world has become more fragmented than ever before. It’s ironic ― and it’s holding businesses back. When it comes to data, analytics is no longer enough. You need both synthesis and analysis to find meaningful insights in the masses of data available. And those who embrace both will be primed to lead the way.

Enhanced SAC Planning Capabilities using Custom Widgets

As SAP customers concentrate on their strategy to move to the cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud continues to be the product of focus for Planning and Analytics. SAC’s approach to collaborative planning and analytics through the use of web-based widgets provides businesses with the toolkit to plan more effectively and make better use of their data.

How Forward-Thinking Finance Leaders Plan for Business Agility

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how finance leaders can–and must–play a role in digital transformation initiatives to improve agility and elevate the role of Finance.

Qlik Analytics Tour, Online: Accelerating Insights THROUGH Augmented Analytics

Are you ready to supercharge business value through data? Have you been looking for the analytics’ equivalent of night vision goggles – helping you to see and action what others can’t?

Why Effective Master Data Management with Microsoft can Save your Business

In order to stay relevant and competitive in today’s world, the power of an organisation’s data cannot be overlooked. However, multiple disparate IT systems, siloed databases, and deficient master data often result in data being a hinderance, more than an asset in key decision-making processes.

Transform Finance with Intelligent Planning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning play a much more significant role in finance operations than realised, and have moved from being experimental to operational. With the latest functionality released in the Workday Adaptive Planning solution, anomaly detection and outlier reporting is now available on-demand.

Boost your Qlik Sense App with Vizlib

Vizlib is your shortcut to greater functionality! With Vizlib’s value-added extension products, you can add smart, customised functions and visualisations making Qlik Sense even more powerful, multifaceted and easier to use. Unlock the true power of your data with game-changing writeback capabilities.

Rapid Modeling and “What-If” Scenarios

Rapid Modeling and “What-If” Scenarios

In this on-demand webinar, FP&A experts discuss their strategies for creating, planning, executing and evaluating initiatives with the use of rapid modeling. Learn how to use what-if scenario modeling to anticipate change by prioritizing primary drivers, keep stakeholders in sync, maintain a consolidated view of the business and drive rapid decision-making and continuous forecasting.

Complex Financial Models Efficient

Making Complex Financial Models More Efficient

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to increase the speed and power of your financial models by using a systematic approach to address three foundational strategic considerations such as optimizing how the model is built, streamlining and automating data ingestion and reporting, and improving collaboration with other stakeholders.


Choose a focus area and topic that will best meet the needs of your team.  

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