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Title: Accelerate your business with our risk management portal

Duration: 14 mins


Many organisations are still using spreadsheets to capture and track risks identified within the business.

These spread sheets are normally updated and shared using email which creates versioning issues.  The ability to capture risk, track mitigating activity and providing specific insights for different stakeholders across the organisation  is a further challenge.

Risk management can minimise the impact of risks on the organisation if it does realise. This ability to understand, quantify and control risk allows organisations peace of mind to focus on what they do best.

Organisations need to actively capture risks identified in the business.  It’s important that these risks are categorised and ranked to ensure the appropriate response activities and are assigned to the right audiences and the correct controls are applied.

It’s also important that leadership has visibility of risk across the organisation to ensure that focus is placed on risk identified in areas with the highest likelihood and impact on the business.

Decision Inc. provides organisations with end-to-end risk management capability to mitigate and minimise the impact of risks if they do realise. 

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What you can expect

Watch our webinar to gain key insights:

  • Current landscape and pain points of risk management
  • Risk management portal capabilities
  • Risk management portal functionalities
  • Customer success stories