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Enhance your ability to execute a supplier management strategy 



Title: Enhance your ability to execute a supplier management strategy

Duration: 1 Hour


As much as 50% of product-delivery companies success depends on the ability to acquire, retain and effectively work with suppliers to meet customer expectations for quality products.

Supply chains have become global networks of networks and supplier management processes have grown increasingly complex, time-consuming and costly. Most companies are still depending on manual, paper-based processes for vetting & tracking as well as receiving supplier applications through multiple channels and form filling. These challenges are making companies slow in execution, enabling human error and hindering agility.

Digitising and modernising your Supplier Management processes leads to enhanced supplier verification, improved onboarding, and stronger lifecycle tracking. Processes and automations that address annual renewals of expiring compliance documentation further contribute to more effective supplier relationship management.

Our customer engagement experts will deep dive into the challenges facing Supplier Management today, and how new era technology can help you create a winning supplier management strategy.

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Watch our webinar to gain key insights:

    • What is Supplier Management?
    • The Importance of a Supplier Management Strategy.
    • Supplier Management in an age of Digital Transformation.
    • Must haves for a Modern Supplier Management Solution.
Supplier Management Strategy


Supplier Management Strategy

David Steyn

Customer Engagement Business Manager

Decision Inc.

Supplier Management Strategy

Kevin Matos

Senior Customer Engagement Consultant

Decision Inc.