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HiDocs – Document Management for Mining



Title: HiDocs Document Management for Mining

Duration: 30 Mins


Many mining companies do not have a single source of truth for each document and still rely on their people to manage paper-based documents.

The reliance on people to manage and control documents increases the risk of governance and compliance not being met.
Mining companies have been investing in digital technologies to stay ahead of the competition. They have invested across the value chain, from operations to procurement to sales and marketing. But despite these investments the industry is still heavily behind.

Most mining companies have ambitious digital strategies but there is a large gap between strategy and execution.

Decision Inc.’s hiDocs facilitates the generation, review and management of critical governance & compliance documentation such as policies, procedures, agreements and templates specifically built for mining.

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What you can expect

Watch our webinar to gain key insights:

    • Mining’s Digital Maturity Deficiency.
    • The Importance and Pain Points of Document Management.
    • How to Digitise Mining Document Management.
    • Must haves for a Modern Document Management Solution.
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