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At Decision Inc. our Business Applications team helps businesses drive digital transformation across their financial, operational, and organisational processes. Many enterprises have invested in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, only to find them failing to deliver on their promises of unifying and connecting business processes. The main problem is that legacy ERP systems are often highly customised and difficult to update or change. They also cannot always support rapidly changing business models. This creates concern among decision-makers that outdated technology could be disruptive to their ERP system and to their business continuity.

However, today we’re witnessing a new era of operational systems that are so different from traditional ERP systems that calling them ERP systems no longer makes sense. Forrester refers to them as digital operations platforms (DOPs) due to their agile, AI-based, and experience-driven nature, and their critical role in digital transformation.

Our team of highly skilled consultants is equipped to deliver these solutions, with many years of experience helping organisations derive tangible benefits from their Microsoft Dynamics 356 implementations. Our favourable customer testimonies are indicative of the benefits and excellent return on investment that our solutions deliver.


Forrester’s Research Revealed These Financial Benefits of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO)


reduction on cost of goods sold


reduction in avoiding shop floor staffing


increase in finance employee productivity


lift in wholesale revenue


Our work with customers over the last 10 years has consistently helped them deliver real business value





At Decision Inc., we specialise in Supply Chain Management (SCM) which covers everything from raw materials to end-consumer delivery. Our SCM solutions can boost profits and customer satisfaction. Our Dynamics 365FO team are experts in Planning, Sourcing, Making, Delivering, and Returns functionalities, providing custom solutions for each stage of the supply chain.

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Maximising profitability and managing financial risk are critical objectives for any organisation. Decision Inc. offers comprehensive financial management solutions that enable predictive and proactive operations to drive performance and revenue. Our team of Dynamics 365FO experts specialise in everything from Accounts Receivables to Fixed Assets, and everything in between – allowing us to provide tailored solutions addressing every aspect of your financial ecosystem.



 We specialise in capital-intensive industries like Automotive and Equipment Management within our Business Applications offerings. Our Dynamics 365FO experts are well-versed in Equipment Rental, Fleet Service Management, Service Scheduling, Spare Parts Management, and Leasing and Financing. Through partnerships with selected Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), we further enhance our capabilities, delivering customised solutions to meet your needs.

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Adopting and executing a successful cloud ERP strategy can be challenging, but a cloud-first approach can streamline operations for any organisation. At Decision Inc., our experts bring valuable insights based on years of experience and are here to help clients every step of the way to realise the benefits of cloud ERP, including improved accessibility, scalability, security, and cost savings.  Let us help you make the transition to cloud ERP seamless and successful.

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Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution simplifies digital transformation by taking advantage of new and emerging technologies. As organisations move towards digital transformation, assets are becoming more interconnected, providing real-time data about business operations and health. Our EAM solution allows for better planning and prediction of asset maintenance, maximising the lifespan of assets, and reducing costs and production downtime. Ultimately driving efficiencies  leading to optimal asset performance and better ROI.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to connect their operations. With simplified features, it enables businesses to work smarter and perform better across all functions, while remaining agile enough to adapt to changing market conditions. Our consultants will roll this out fairly quickly, allowing for streamlined operations and peak performance.

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Intelligent demand planning is a critical enabler for supply optimisation, it enables agile adaptation to customer demand, optimising supply and enhancing organisational responsiveness to market changes. We offer this capability through our selected partnerships with independent software vendors (ISVs) that seamlessly integrate with Dynamics 365FO. We are experts at helping organisations optimise their supply chains and gain a competitive edge by leveraging the power of intelligent demand planning.



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For asset-intensive organisations, managing and controlling parts inventory can be a significant challenge. Our Stores Requisition Management solution is designed to support the effective management, tracking, and control of parts inventory. Built-in approval workflows enable shop-floor operators and supervisors to review and approve internal requisitions efficiently, reducing frictional costs and cycle times for issuing and dispatching parts.





Streamlining the relevant areas of the procure-to-pay process significantly improves the internal efficiencies of finance and creditor teams. Our Vendor Reconciliation solution imports supplier statements and automatically matches them to invoices and purchase orders where possible. The matched records can be reviewed and approved for payment by the credit supervisor, while delegation of duties ensures necessary controls are in place to support compliance requirements in this critical business function.




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Our solution streamlines the vendor payment process, greatly improving the internal efficiencies of finance and creditor teams. The integration of bank statements and creation of localised payment files eliminates the need for manual data entry on banking platforms. With payment instructions uploadable to any major South African bank, release-and-pay becomes a seamless activity. Additionally, necessary controls are enforced to support compliance requirements in this critical business function. Let us help you simplify and optimise your vendor payments through seamless bank integration and localised payment file creation.





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