Gain valuable insights to better combat the effect of loadshedding on your business

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As loadshedding continues to impact businesses across South Africa, understanding its true impact on your sales becomes vital for making informed decisions. 

Our Loadshedding Analytics solution offers a comprehensive understanding of how loadshedding affects your sales, enabling you to make data-driven choices and drive your business forward.

Uncover the true impact of loadshedding on your sales

During loadshedding, understanding the true impact on your sales can be challenging, leaving you uncertain about the losses incurred. Loadshedding Analytics brings clarity to this situation, offering visibility into the repercussions of loadshedding on your sales. No more guesswork – just actionable insights.

Plan efficiently to minimise costs and maximise revenue

Making the right decisions during loadshedding can significantly impact your bottom line. Loadshedding Analytics empowers you to plan efficiently by prioritising locations for backup power solutions. Additionally, it guides you in strategically scheduling generator usage, leading to cost reduction and revenue optimisation.

invest in resilience


With Loadshedding Analytics, you can explore alternate forms of power investment to keep your business running during critical hours. By staying informed about loadshedding hours and assessing potential backup power sources, you’ll enhance your business’s resilience.

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Loadshedding Analytics uses all the information about loadshedding stages and upcoming dates from the API. This means you can choose the loadshedding stage and date you want to check and see the planned loadshedding hours for each of your branches. This feature is incredibly helpful for planning ahead and predicting possible sales losses. It helps you make smarter decisions about running a generator during loadshedding and allows you to figure out if the costs of running backup power is worth it compared to the expected lost sales.


The interactive map provides users with the capability to visualise the magnitude of potential sales losses. It also enables the convenient playback of the loadshedding schedule, allowing for an assessment of the progression of sales losses over time. By geographically representing key locations on the map, you are able to plan strategically and make sound decisions with valuable logistical insight. Additional information can easily be overlaid on this view, such as which stores have generators in place and therefore are not losing sales during loadshedding periods, versus other stores which do not have a backup supply.


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The individual location schedules offers a detailed view of loadshedding at each site, enabling an in-depth understanding of its impact on their respective locations. You also possess the flexibility to customise viewing preferences based on relevancy, transitioning between projections and historical sales data or simply focusing on the total hours affected.

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