Video 1: Becoming a Data-Driven Business

Rapid advances in technology, the increased value of data and improving data literacy are changing the game when it comes to being ‘data-driven’.

Building a data-driven business is no longer just about encouraging the use of data to make better decisions.

The potential for data-driven business strategies and technologies is greater than ever.

Video 2: Build a Data and Analytics Plan and Strategy

Organisations are keen to become data driven but don’t know where to start in creating a roadmap. Even those that have a roadmap need to still get buy-in from the rest of the organisation before starting implementation.

Building a sociable strategy and plan is necessary for having the company and the board buy into your analytics vision.

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Video 3: Scale Your Data and Analytics Programme

Only 7% of businesses are seeing data used in their organisation as a competitive tool.

The vast majority see the value that data-driven plans can bring – but are either still facing legacy systems or have stalled in their efforts to scale.

Let us help you scale your data-driven business to capitalise on data insights.

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Video 4: Building an Enterprise Data Strategy

More and more when we engage with customers about building their journey to the cloud or becoming data driven.

This has become a really important topic because there’s so much complexity that has to be thought about when we think about data governance and building a scalable governance process.

Our Enterprise Data and Analytics Framework provides a structured methodology to ensure your organization has a strategy and plan to achieve sustainable growth – at scale.

Video 5: Data and Analytics Innovation

The secret to fast adaptation and disruptive innovation for any business are hidden the effective use of data to capture market share.

Some of the leading global brands have strategically leveraged data to outperform their competitors and drive innovation.

Now is the time to drive progressive data-driven implementations that are scalable for long-term growth.

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Video 6: How to Build a Data-Driven Culture

At the heart of becoming data-driven is people.

Building a truly data driven organization requires investment in enabling and empowering your people.

The organizational transformation journey can be complex as it requires strong working alignment between IT, Business and Human Resources.

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Where are you on your data-driven roadmap for your future?

I need a plan and a sustainable strategy

Create a roadmap to becoming a data-driven business.

I need to overcome my data and analytics challenges

Turn your data challenges into real business opportunities.

I want to scale my business

Scale your data-driven business to capitalise on data insights.

I want to build a data-driven culture

Use your data to show real returns for your business.

I want to innovate and transform

Drive progressive data-driven solutions to transform the market.

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