Achieve higher levels of efficiency and deeper insights for your finance department.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of mining, companies face numerous challenges that hinder their ability to plan effectively and efficiently. These pain points have a significant impact on their financial performance and overall success.



Inaccurate Costing due to Manual Spreadsheet Errors and Inaccurate Overheads

Manual spreadsheet-based planning in mining is time-consuming, error-prone, and leads to inaccurate costing, impacting budgeting and financial decisions.

Excess Costs due to Lack of Extended Planning Capability

Without integrated planning tools, companies miss cost-saving opportunities, incurring excess costs in transportation, overtime, and foreign exchange fees, impacting profit margins and financial performance.

Lost Revenue due to Lack of Scenario Planning and Optimisation

Mining companies require strong scenario planning and optimisation capabilities to tackle market uncertainty. However, many lack the necessary tools, leading to missed opportunities and lost revenue potential as they fail to adapt to changing conditions.



our revolutionary solution for management planning and analysis – the ultimate tool for finance departments aiming to enhance efficiency and gain deeper insights.


By seamlessly integrating crucial elements like finance, production, bill of materials, labor headcount, maintenance costs, and capital expenditures into a unified enterprise-wide application, we help fast track your mine planning and analytics.

Our platform enables the creation of a best practice repository for all data required for business planning, forecasting and actual historical performance.

With a track record of proven success, we help finance teams streamline back-office functions and reduce manual tasks, allowing more time for analysis, scenario planning, and decision-making.

Key Benefits


Enhanced decision making


Increased transparency and accountability


Improved accuracy and efficiency


Linking the strategy to the financial plan


Decreased financial planning complexity and risk


Enhanced collaboration and communication across the enterprise


Greater agility and flexibility


Bridging the gap between finance and operations

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