Enabling Your Modern Workplace to Drive Business Transformation

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In today’s business landscape, organisations are embracing digital transformation to drive long-term growth and profitability.

The shift in work dynamics demands secure remote access and devices that enhance productivity, job satisfaction, and retention.

Companies must empower their employees while safeguarding critical IT assets and ensure customer satisfaction by staying abreast with the latest innovations. This operational transformation presents a valuable opportunity for businesses.

While technology plays a pivotal role, understanding its potential impact and implementation is crucial. According to Gartner, many digital initiatives fall short of CEO and leadership expectations, with prolonged timelines and delayed value realisation, 52% of CEOs/leadership stating that digital initiatives take too long to realise value.

Partnering with a trusted advisor becomes essential. As experts in Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions, we not only implement cutting-edge technology but also provide valuable technology advisory to future-proof the workplace, ensuring successful and cost-effective transformation.

The power of implementing a Modern Workplace strategy.


of CEOs believe that digitally empowering employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over 3 years


of CIOs agree that the ability of their workforce to easily access business applications has reduced their attrition rate


of organisations agree that a digital workplace strategy is important


Benefits of Enabling a Modern Workplace

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Enable Greater Teamwork

Increase productivity, reduce cost, and
work from anywhere.

Increase Time

Increase Productivity

Empower your employees, optimise operations and engage your customers.


Empower Collaboration

Access and share content remotely, connect and co-create.


Accelerate Revenue Growth

Digitally empowering employees drives additional revenue growth.


Our Microsoft advisory and deployment expertise has enabled significant business transformation and modern workplace advancements for our clients over the past decade.

Professional Body For Financial Planners

Improving Customer Engagement

Decision Inc. delivered an integrated end-to-end Membership Engagement Platform to attract and onboard new members but also provide a one-stop shop to meet its members’ needs. Since its implementation, the client has a scalable solution to manage its membership engagement process. Members are engaged in professional development activities and have a single place to advertise and manage courses, events, and engagements.


Drive Customer Engagement with Customer Loyalty App

Decision Inc. led a multi-partner delivery team to build a system that offered a unique cash-focused rewards programme supported by real-time POS integration with a mobile app-first rewards interface. After the rollout of this app, Makro saw an increase in sales across product ranges.

National Iron Ore Mine

Unlocking Efficiency and Compliance with hiDocs - a Document Management Solution

Decision Inc. successfully migrated an Iron Ore mine's documents to the latest SharePoint version. This resulted in significant compliance savings, easy document creation, seamless review and approval through workflows, role-based access management, and improved document search through metadata tagging. The company enjoys streamlined document management processes, increased system efficiency, reduced manual errors, and improved response times.


Our Functional Capabilities

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Enhance asset performance and optimise service operations through increased efficiency and reliability across customer and field service domains.



Boost collaboration and enhance efficiency in all business relationships, spanning customers, suppliers, and the wider stakeholder community.



Achieve impactful customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle by seamlessly integrating marketing, service, sales, and insights.



Enable customers to effectively organise and preserve their knowledge assets and business information.

Revenue ops


Drive top-line growth by introducing transparency, accountability, and predictability to revenue operations.


Improve Your Functions with Our Solutions

Our solutions deployed meets business needs providing effectove outcomes.



Empower your organisation to provide the best customer experience for exceptional customer outcomes.

This solution provides your employees with the right tools to intelligently handle customer requests and provide a superior customer experience. By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service it can increase customer service agent productivity by automating routine inquiries. Leverage AI to dynamically guide customer service agents to the right action and improve cross-company collaboration to close cases faster.


Get the right technician to the right place at the right time, fixing the problem the first time.

Leverage an Intelligent Field Service Solution for streamlined operations. Benefit from real-time work order updates, optimized scheduling, enhanced collaboration, efficient inventory management, automated invoicing, accurate resource tracking, and a shift toward predictive maintenance.



Digitally manage, and ensure consistency and compliance of vendors.

Vendor Portal provides a central space from where vendor compliance is managed. A simple to use, powerful, cloud-based Vendor Management solution that allows you to gain total visibility and control over your vendor portfolio. Manage vendors seamlessly by facilitating digital onboarding, the collection of critical information such as BEE certificates and Company Registration documents, while maintaining the upkeep of vendor details.


Maximise the value that your supplier management strategy delivers to your bottom line.

Our Supplier Relationship Management Solution delivers a unique experience that connects your organisations with the supplier and allows you to place the customer at the center of that experience. It has great features like automated verifications and vetting with structured approval workflows, digitised document management, single repository and a source of the truth for all supplier information and artifacts.



Drive demand by aligning marketing and sales giving your customers a consistent and personalised experience across the buyers’ journey.

Run targeted multi-channel campaigns and nurture these prospects into engaged customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. This solution is designed to eliminate siloed Marketing, Sales, and Service systems and to correlate a synchronised view of leads and contacts.


Modernise sales performance, and overcome distractions and complexities to regain focus and sales momentum.

Living in the digital era, we are bombarded with information, short on attention, and driven to distraction. Sellers are definitely not immune.
They have to navigate data, processes, and tools – while making sense of conflicting or unclear expectations. This is where you can leverage an Intelligent Sales Customer Engagement Solution - Dynamics 365 Sales to tailor interactions with customers and get actionable insights to increase performance.


Harness the capabilities of generative AI to delve into your customer data, uncover new insights, and deliver personalised experiences.

Leverage Microsoft's real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) to gain unparalleled understanding of your customers. With personalised campaigns, AI-driven insights, and automated workflows, you can acquire high-value customers while reducing cost per conversion. Maximise customer lifetime value through personalised recommendations. Benefit from automatically updated consent data and secure information classification labels.


Document Management

Digitise your Document Management to streamline your operations.

To manually manage and control documents increases the risk of governance and compliance. Our Document Management solution facilitates the generation, review, and management of critical governance and compliance documentation such as policies, procedures, agreements, and templates.


Empower your employee growth through an effective Learning Management System (LMS).

Our LMS will provide you with a single, online platform to manage and deliver online learning content that improves employee efficiency, engagement, and retention while reducing risk by improving compliance with policies and procedures.

Risk and Compliance Management Portal

Mitigate and reduce the impact of risk on your business.

Our Risk Management Solution provides organisations with end-to-end risk management capability to mitigate and minimise the impact of risks. This ability to understand, quantify, and control risk will allow organisations peace of mind to focus on operational excellence.



Streamline operations, increase productivity, reduce errors, and free up employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

Unlock the power of automation beyond the factory floor. Studies reveal that 40% to 60% of finance processes can be automated, freeing finance teams from manual work and granting them the time to focus on strategic activities. Software robots provide access to crucial data, allowing finance professionals to navigate turbulent waters with ease.


Optimise your order-to-cash process to eliminate inefficiencies and reap benefits throughout your entire business.

Order-to-cash intelligent bots improve cash flow and increase working capital and customer satisfaction. Implementing Order to Cash automation provides businesses with the opportunity to reduce, automate cash posting, improve team productivity, minimise deductions aging, and decrease bad-debt write-offs, ultimately leading to enhanced operational efficiency and financial performance.


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