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Accelerate your business growth with a single, global Data Cloud Platform

Mobilise your data, power essential workloads and unlock seamless data collaboration

Changing State of Data Environments

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It is more than just considering cloud, enterprise and SMB clients are already in the cloud, often through more than one CSP.

This requires flexible, cloud-first technologies.

87% of firms are expanding their ability to source external data, while also struggling with siloed internal audiences – facing control issues, dependencies, and complexities.

snowflake stat
snowflake stat

Needs of Data Centric Businesses


A Scalable Data Platform and Architecture


Single, Simple Platform to Reduce Silos


Governed and Controlled Access and Sharing

The Snowflake Data Cloud Platform

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Snowflake is uniquely designed to connect businesses globally, across any type or scale of data and many different workloads, and unlock seamless data collaboration.

As a fully managed service, Snowflake is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run your essential workloads with near-unlimited resources.

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Snowflake Platform Benefits

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snowflake platform benefits

The Snowflake Platform on Azure

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snowflake azure

The Snowflake Platform on AWS

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snowflake aws

Snowflake Success Stories

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Large Global Financial Services Business

Deployed Snowflake for Payments platform data.

The solution enables integration of 17 different sources from third parties and delivered a 56% cost saving vs AWS Data Platform.

food manufacturing

Australian Food Manufacturer

Deployed Snowflake as a Modern Data Platform and central store for all data across platforms and reporting capabilities.

The solution delivers significant DataOps efficiencies and analytics scale.


Australian FinTech

Deployed Snowflake as their core data platform enabling limitless scale and capability to run their core platforms.

Their Data Science team leverage the platform to run personalised offerings to customers at scale any time.

Why Decision Inc. as your partner?

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Decision Inc. is a global consulting partner operating in South Africa, Australia and United Kingdom.

Unlock to the value of your data with Decision Inc. and Snowflake


Decision Inc. is the largest consulting partner in SA


Decision Inc. works actively across Azure, AWS and GCP environments


Decision Inc. can scale and deliver Enterprise wide Transformation programs


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