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Accelerate your business growth with a single, global Data Cloud Platform

Mobilise your data, power essential workloads and unlock seamless data collaboration


Snowflake is uniquely designed to connect businesses globally, across any type or scale of data and many different workloads, and unlock seamless data collaboration.

As a fully managed service, Snowflake is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run your essential workloads with near-unlimited resources.

Snowflake data cloud platform

Why we partner with Snowflake

Just like Snowflake, we’re all about the data and building data driven businesses on a global scale.

With the Snowflake Data Cloud, you can collaborate globally to get new insights, create previously unknown business opportunities, and identify your customers in the moment with relevant experiences in a single, fully managed solution.

Unlock to the value of your data with Decision Inc. and Snowflake

Utilise a single and fully managed cloud data solution

Eliminate data silos and instantly share data across your organisation

Easily power complex data pipelines and large-scale analytics

Simplify developing data-intensive applications to deliver fast analytics

Improve data access, performance, and security with a modern data lake

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Data Collaboration

Discover, acquire, and monetise data, data services, and applications across clouds.

The power of Snowflake Data Collaboration:

  • Unlock insights with external data and services
  • Monetise data, data Services, and applications
  • Break down internal data silos
  • Collaborate with companies not yet on Snowflake
  • Accelerate data access by removing ETL
  • Enterprise-wide data governance and control
    Snowflake data collaboration
    snowflake data science

    Data Science and Machine Learning

    Accelerate your machine learning workflows with fast data access and elastically scalable data processing for Python and SQL.

    The power of Snowflake Data Science and ML:

    • Accelerate your data science workflows
    • Reduce time looking for and requesting access to data
    • Transform data into ML-powered insights using your language of choice
    • Scale processing to any amount of data or users

      Data Warehouse

      Unify data across clouds to accelerate and scale analytics with near-zero administration.

      The power of Snowflake Data Warehouse:

      • Centralise all your data in a single place
      • Get fast and cost-effective access to your data
      • Quickly create and share insights and analytics
      • Easily scale up and down to meet your demand in seconds
      • Secure your data while providing governed access to users
        Snowflake data warehouse performance
        Snowflake data lake

        Data Lake

        Make your data secure, reliable, and easy to use in one place.

        The power of Snowflake Data Lake:

        • Seamlessly use structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data together
        • Simplify your architecture to power many workloads with virtually no concurrency issues or resource contention
        • Easily govern all your data and enable secure collaboration
        • Access data from existing cloud object storage without having to move data


          Protect your enterprise with unified data, near-unlimited visibility, and powerful analytics.

          The power of Snowflake Cybersecurity:

          • Consolidate your security data in one place
          • Quickly investigate the timeline of an incident
          • Streamline your response workflow by easily deploying a connected application to your Data Cloud
          • Remove the need to manually analyse data from different sources to resolve noisy alerts
            snowflake cyber security

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