Turn your data and analytics challenges into opportunities

Do you lack the resources? Do you have the skills to utilise data as a business driver? Do you have the right culture to handle the challenge of building a data-driven business?

Teams are under pressure to run at speeds that are not sustainable to build an effective data-driven business.

Let us help turn your challenges into opportunities.

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Are these barriers preventing you from overcoming your data challenges?

Across the businesses in all industries that Decision Inc. has transformed, the five key barriers to success that we experience are:


Lack of funding and insufficient resources

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Data environment not set up for scale

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Report and analytics is still operational

data security

Governance is weak with little data management

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Maturity too low to focus on culture

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If you face one – or all – of these challenges, you are not alone

Most businesses find that, even when they invest in data platforms and changes, they are still under-resourced or under-skilled to address these challenges.

Culturally, getting staff to transform digitally and adopt new ways of using data and digital platforms within the organisation can fall short. Many front-line teams are trying to get work done, and don’t have the capacity to adapt to the changes implemented by management teams.

The problem of creating digital transformation is universal. Few know how to overcome the challenges associated with change.

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We work with businesses to determine the most suitable route to progress

Through our consultative approach we ensure that you to overcome the challenges.

Together with our highly skilled and specialised team of analysts, data architects and data scientists, through a series of workshops and engagements, we help you design a strategy based on your desired outcomes.

Once a strategy is created, ensure that you are set up to succeed in implementation and run a fruitful operation.

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Leverage Decision Inc.’s Data and Analytics Consulting Services team to scale your analytics

Decision Inc’s Data Operations enables companies to building a NextGen platform that caters for various data formats with the right set of tools and technologies while managing the platform efficiently with low cost of ownership.

think big


Enterprise level including all domains

Define the foundation data platform

Design Services: Infrastructure Consulting & BI/Big Data Consulting



Build the foundation data platform

Build for iterative delivery

Implement for smaller domain within business unit

Build-Engineering Services: Build, Security Set-up & Capacity Planning 

scale up


Establishing a model for rapid scale out, elasticity, acceleration and efficiency

Using the foundation data platform, agile accelerators

Scale other domains in parallel

Operating Services: Managed/Shared Services & Environment Management


Get started with overcoming your data challenges in 3 easy steps

1. Scale your capabilities

Data Management Workshop


Work with our team of experts in our 2 to 4 hour Data Management Workshop where we will cover:

Your Current Data Landscape

  • Business Background & Technology Landscape
  • Operational systems
  • Data and Intelligence Systems
  • Valuable data assets
  • Business Functions
  • Reporting
  • Data Operation, Process, Governance & Architecture
  • Data Management priorities


What you can expect:


Dedicated engagement with our Data Architects and Analytics Managers


Documented data challenges and requirements


Baseline of the current state architecture


Business case for addressing the main data management challenges

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2. Platform design

Running Effective Data Operations Workshop

What you can expect:


Dedicated engagement with our Data Architects and Analytics Managers


Documented data landscape and platform plan


Detailed data management and platform blueprint and design


Detailed services and technology costing for data management and platform delivery

Work with our team of experts in our 2 to 4 hour Running Effective Data Operations Workshop where we will cover:

Maturing Your Data Landscape

  • Future platform design and technology review
  • Data engineering and analytics priorities
  • Data transformation roadmap
  • Services and licensing estimates


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3. Execution

Develop Data Pipelines, Model Your Data & Produce Impactful Analytics

predictive models

Once your team has completed both workshops work with our team of specialists to get value from your analytics investments.

Focus on executing your data management plan from developing data pipelines, modelling your data and producing impactful business analytics.


What you can expect:


Dedicated engagements with our Data Scientists and Data Engineers


Improved data quality and strong data governance


Automated and centralised data


Detailed strategies for data management

Get In Touch

Let us assist you with your Data Driven Journey

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