Use your data to show real turns for your business

Businesses that successfully use data to drive decision making are 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors.

Insights-driven public companies were also shown to grow at 27% year on year.

According to McKinsey, data-driven organisations are 23 times more likely to acquire new customers, and 6 times more likely to retain existing customers.



At the heart of becoming data-driven is people

Building a truly data driven organisation requires investment in enabling and empowering your people. The organisational transformation journey can be complex as it requires strong working alignment between IT, Business and Human Resources.

  • Who owns the program?
  • What are the measures of success?
  • What content do we have to scale?

Are all questions that slow down many organisations.

Let us help you become data-driven.

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Drive data literacy and learning across the organisation 

Decision Inc. focuses on becoming Data Driven through 2 programs and approaches:

  • Building an Enterprise Data Culture
  • Building Data Literacy across the organisation

These programs leverage our methodology to drive Enterprise Transformation as well as provides the content and platforms to drive Data literacy and learning across the organisation


Building a Data Driven Culture

We believe that these 4 areas are critical recipes to driving the Data Driven Culture Transformation.

Our teams work with your organisation to develop the programs and content to support this agenda.

We leverage our Frameworks, consulting Assets and content to support the organizations transformation needs


Enabling your people to be capable for the new future

Delivering continuous learning and building personalised journeys


Making knowledge scalable across the organisation

Building value from imbedded and created knowledge and content across the business


Building communities to drive change

Building communities that are able to share, learn and develop together

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Enabling technology use and making it scalable

Making all interactions have to be technology enabled and scalable


Get started with building a data-driven culture in 4 easy PHASES

1. Define

Define the Data Driven Culture Agenda

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Work with our team of experts in our half-day Define Your Data Driven Culture Workshop where we will cover:

  • AMBITION – Workshop culture aspiration and vision with leadership
  • CURRENT STATE – Review the current state training approach and course content
  • BASE LINE FEEDBACK – Online business survey setup to gain broad feedback from key stakeholders
  • PROGRAM – Design, vision and approach to program


What you can expect:


Dedicated engagement with our Data Literacy Trainers and Analytics Managers


Get a current state of your organisation's data literacy levels


Structure design, vision and approach to data literacy program


2. Develop

Develop your Data Driven Culture Program

What you can expect:


Dedicated engagement with our Data Literacy Trainers and Analytics Managers


Detailed program with learning paths for each learning roles


Development of course content and learning material


Detailed communication and marketing plan

In developing your Data Driven Culture Program we will cover:

  • Program theme and framework design
  • Development of target employee groups
  • Identification of learning roles and role needs
  • Define Role Groups and Personas
  • Development of learning paths for each role and required content stages
  • Development of course content to support learning outcomes
  • Develop Communication plan and marketing approach
  • Develop Communication content
  • Setup and Run Data Literacy Evaluation Framework and Questionnaire
  • Allocation of staff to role personas and training paths


knowledge transfer

3. Enablement

Knowledge Management and Enablement

  • The Knowledge Management Program to be developed for training and literacy
  • Knowledge governance framework to be defined
  • Knowledge Management technology platform to be identified and developed
  • Knowledge themes and role out to be defined
  • Link between training outcomes to knowledge outcomes developed
  • Training content and current knowledge assets to be imbedded in the business
  • The LMS and Knowledge Platform integration to take place and enable



4. Implementation

Data-Driven Culture Program Implementation

  • Communication and learning plans
  • Marketing calendar and business unit engagement
  • Role out of Course Calendar
  • Employees liked to roles and profiles
  • Training schedules created for content
  • Content uploaded
  • Program launched to business



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