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Risk & Compliance 

Protect your data and documents anywhere. Identify risks by locating data and understanding how it’s used. Help safeguard data wherever it lives by configuring protection and retention labels.

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Intelligently assess your compliance risks, govern and protect sensitive data and effectively respond to regulatory requirements.

Digital transformation has led to an explosion of data that grows exponentially every day. Employees are empowered to more easily create, store, and share information across devices, resulting in a complex digital environment that organisations have difficulty managing. Adding to that complexity are new regulations and standards constantly emerging to ensure organisations manage and protect that data in ways that safeguard privacy and security.

The unfortunate reality is that there are also news headlines every day talking about the risks companies face—whether from internal or external sources. Insider risk is one of the fears keeping the C-suite up at night. These risks include hacking, insiders leaking data whether maliciously or inadvertently, security breaches, etc.

Compliance and risk management can be daunting areas for any organisation. Whether it’s knowing and protecting your data, addressing insider risk or better assessing your compliance. Our compliance and risk management solutions are built to help you to more easily protect and govern your data more, address regulations and standards, and mitigate insider risks.