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Vendor Portal Management 

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Digitally manage, ensure consistency and compliance of vendors 


Decision Inc.’s Vendor Portal provides a central space from where vendor compliance is managed. A simple to use, powerful, cloud-based Vendor Management solution that allows you to gain total visibility and control over your vendor portfolio.

Manage vendors seamlessly by facilitating digital onboarding, the collection of critical information such as BEE certificates and Company Registration documents, while maintaining the upkeep of vendor details. Receive automated alerts of key dates, monitor risk, manage workload and store files and messages, across your organisation.

A Scalable Vendor Management Platform

The vendor portal can be scaled to support various additional vendor-related functions such as integration into existing business systems, vendor ratings and online tendering. These are only a few of the capabilities that can be accommodated on top of the core functionality.


  • Accessible to users, both internal and external to your
  • Formalised request, reviewal and approval processes
    to collect and manage vendor information
  • Reduce resource time and capacity spent on
    gathering vendor information



  • Business Rules: Easily customise fields, required
    documents and rules to match your specific vendor
  • Workflow: Customisable workflows to digitise and
    formalise your existing vendor on-boarding process
  • Tailored: Adaptable interface to align to your
    organisation’s corporate identity