The mining sector is an indicator of economic growth for Australia: a healthy sector equals a healthy economy. But the global economic sands are repeatedly shifting for all sectors, and the mining sector has not proven to be immune from these ructions.

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While good planning is critical to navigating through economic headwinds, planning for mining companies has become more complex than ever before. Amid inflationary pressures and a push for a more sustainable operation from investors and the public, all while facing an uncertain economic landscape and volatile commodities markets, it’s become increasingly tough to budget for today and tomorrow with accuracy.  

The key is data. Every part of the operation generates huge amounts of data, from the cost of material availability and global exchange rates in the selling of commodities to the purchase of materials, to employed staff and contractors and production itself. Within this data lay the ability to forecast and plan accurately – but with so much data to sift through, it’s incredibly time consuming and complex for a business the size of any standard mining organisation to (pardon the pun) mine for and surface the right data, quickly.  

This is an issue not unique to your organisation, though how you address these challenges is certainly something only you can possibly comprehend.


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You need not see to address challenges alone.

Decision Inc. Australia has developed the Mining Catalyst, an end-to-end planning and budgeting solution that integrates Production, Bill of Materials, Labour Head Count, Costing and Capital into a single enterprise-wide planning application.

Designed to maximise the value of the planning and reporting function across all divisions and reporting levels within the organisation, the unique Mining Catalyst provides a central data repository of all data required for business planning, forecasting and data analysis:

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  • The Mining Catalyst’s built-in drivers and advanced logic can perform interactive real-time calculations and non-hierarchical aggregation, while automated and escalated base plans can be delivered quickly and accurately.
  • Business Process Flows (BPF) guide the business users to complete their monthly requirements and work status with the ability to elevate data to particular work states, up to the point of locking approved/reported data.
  • User and Team based security groupings provide for member and specific task profile access, enabling mining companies to report more effectively on a trusted set of numbers, freeing up time for analysis and decision-making. 

  • With a familiar Excel-like user interface, the Mining Catalyst is fully web-enabled, highly functional, robust and offers ease of deployment.  

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The true value of the Mining Catalyst for mining organisations is realised in time and cost savings, overall data integrity and increased performance insights. With reduced project implementation time, organisations will see a significant return on investment, one delivered 30 per cent faster than a traditional project implementation. 

But importantly, it can help mining companies plan, even amid numerous economic headwinds, changing investor demands and an uncertain global economic landscape.


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