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Unlock the Untapped Potential of Your SAP Data


The SAP Analytics Opportunity

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Organisations across Australia are looking to unlock the untapped potential of their wealth of SAP data – it’s in there, waiting to be extracted, yet many organisations don’t know where to begin let alone how to analyse it accurately and quickly to make decisions that can inform the direction of the business.  


They are looking for a platform that can:  

  • Access SAP Data through reporting tools like Power BI 
  • Reduce the complexity of dealing with SAP data relationships 
  • Address performance constraints of data extraction 
  • Create a consistent data experience for business users between SAP and analytics applications 



    They’re also looking for a platform to blend multiple data assets, enable self-service BI, assist with governance of key data assets and, ultimately, be able to share data with the business’ applications.  


    It’s a complex challenge, attempting to address all these needs in one solution. But there is a way.  

    Azure Analytics for SAP Solution


    The Azure Analytics for SAP Solution has arrived, and addresses these concerns, challenges and business needs in the one solution. It features:  

      • Prebuilt extractors which easily connect to an organisation’s SAP platform and extract data 
      • Structured, normalised Data Warehouse and Data Marts for multiple SAP modules 

    It also:  

      • Enables the blending of non-SAP sources with SAP data to achieve a comprehensive data view 
      • Leverages the Decision Inc. Data Governance Framework used for Data Management 
      • Provides user experience insights through Power BI for analytics and reporting 
      • Transfers data leveraging Azure Data Factory into a Data Lake platform in Azure 

      Pre-Developed Data Processing for SAP Data


      Data Models Developed in Azure


      Analytics Dashboard and Reports for SAP Modules

      Azure Analytics for SAP Benefits

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      Maximise Value

      Get the most out of your SAP data  with our pre-built data processing and analytics in Azure.

      Mitigates Challenges

      Use tried and tested solutions that a built on industry best practices.


      Faster Time to Insights

      Easy to deploy and ready to use, enabling quicker projects that deliver faster results.

      Scale Rapidly

      Enable your team to rapidly scale the processing and usage of your SAP data.

      Streamline operations

      Reduce the difficulty and gain maximum efficiency from accessing and using your SAP data.


      Easily Access Your Data

      Using our pre-built data integrations you can quickly and easily access your SAP data.

      Our SAP Data Solutions


      Decision Inc. Australia’s SAP Solutions can be deployed separately or as an integrated offering, delivering pre-built analytics solutions to businesses in a fraction of the time or cost to traditional delivery. 


      These solutions — along with the reporting and analytics — leverage the Microsoft CDC capability to ensure consistency of information across the platform. 


      Finance Control Tower

      Management reporting, Executive Dashboards, Payment Controls, Receivables

      Modules used: FI, AP, AR


      Plant Maintenance

      Work order management, plant performance, notifications, breakdowns

      Modules used: PM 


      Sales and Distribution

      Sales, Operations and Distribution, Margins, Sales Management, Orders, Rebates

      Modules Used: SD


      Procurement and Spend

      Procurement Management, Finance Reconciliation, Contract Compliance, BEE, Vendors Performance

      Modules Used: MM, AP


      Azure Analytics for SAP Capability


      Linking and Mapping SAP Data

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      Our SAP specialist team has developed the platform and process to connect to multiple SAP Modules. 

      From Reports through to tables and final outputs, the Azure Analytics for SAP platform simplifies the process of linking and building data models for SAP data. Our SAP data linking and mapping enables: 

      • A Connected Data Model per Module 
      • A Blueprint for SAP Data and Reports 
      • The Simplification of SAP Naming Conventions 
      • The linking of SAP S/4HANA to Azure 
      • Linking SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) to Azure 



      Structured Data Models and Data Marts

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      Data models developed within Azure platform enable user-friendly dashboarding, reporting and advanced analytics. 

      In addition, the data model structure within the Azure Analytics for SAP Solution enables links to other sources of information to further enrich analytics. 


      Prebuilt Dashboards to Accelerate Analytics

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      The platform features pre-built dashboards and analytics developed in PowerBI to drive faster insights: 


      Accounts Receivable


      Accounts Payable


      Management Reporting 


      Sales and Distribution


      Azure Analytics for SAP Implementation Plan


      Accelerate Your Analytics Deployment


      Get Started with Azure Analytics for SAP

      Let us assist you with your SAP data and analytics journey!