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At the upcoming Share Conference taking place from June 22 to 24 in Johannesburg, Decision Inc. will be showcasing how an organisation can turn SharePoint into the central nervous system of an organisation.

This business-centric event is focused on assisting companies get the most out of their SharePoint implementations.

“Share is a great event designed for non-technical conversations. Decision-makers understand that SharePoint, when used effectively, can enable them to get more from the likes of knowledge management, marketing and communications, reporting, and other projects. But they are often left frustrated by the technical events that drill down into the nuts and bolts of implementations without given business direction,” says Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc.

Bell will be a speaker at the Share Conference, discussing how the information generators and consumers of an organisation need access to different types of information in order make informed decisions. With different types of users and multiple systems presenting a practical business challenge, he will examine how a business can service its unique information management requirements through a centralised platform.

“Microsoft SharePoint needs to become the central nervous system of a business. By utilising key information assets and document elements inherent in an organisation, business can extract considerable value out of SharePoint and the data stored inside the organisation,” he says.
Craig Gillham, co-founder of Concero IT which is now integrated with Decision Inc., will be co-presenting with Bell.
“There are significant benefits to utilising SharePoint effectively”, says Gillham.
“By providing users with simple, familiar, and intuitive experiences, we can streamline everyday business activities. And by connecting employees with information and expertise and simplifying access to business data, we can accelerate adoption of shared business processes and enable employees to make better, more informed decisions.”

More than 100 people from 60 companies collaborated to identify the most relevant 14 topics for the event. Other discussions that will take place include the impact of governance on SharePoint, the rise of the social business and leveraging it to enhance processes inside the organisation, and the solutions available for workflow and business process automation in SharePoint.

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