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Decision Inc. has developed an industry-leading Mining Accelerator that delivers improved planning, budgeting and reporting functions alongside streamlined capabilities and productivity, specifically tailored for the mining sector. The solution provides an end-to-end tool that integrates production, stores, labour, costing and capital into a single application that works seamlessly across the enterprise.

Built on the SAP BPC platform, the Accelerator creates a central data repository for all organisational data, ensuring that planning is more cohesive and structured. Plans can be assessed in real-time and amends made at one point of access for improved accuracy and speed. The built-in drivers and advanced logic capabilities perform interactive, real-time calculations and the Business Process Flows (BPF) guide the user in completing the budget. Data can be elevated to specific points and then locked once approved or within the reporting process to mitigate confusion or data error.

In addition to the improved work flows and reporting functionalities, the SAP BPC has been designed to make systems more efficient. There is a minimised barrier to entry as it has a familiar Microsoft Excel interface and users can easily access their profiles and navigate the system. This allows for simple integration into daily workflows and minimises potential downtime due to user issues.

“We have designed the Mining Accelerator to support the organisation, saving them time and money while assuring them of data integrity and improved operational capability,” says Andries van den Berg, product development manager of EPM Mining Solutions at Decision Inc. “We can implement the entire solution within 6 months and clients will see an improvement budgeting timelines almost instantaneously.”

The Mining Accelerator works across Production, Labour Planning, Stores, Costing, Capital, Engineering and Management Information System (MIS). It bridges the gap between finance and production, providing dynamic reporting across multiple levels, standardising cost drivers across the organisation, and allows for real-time data sharing and a single version of accurate data as well as improved decision making and scenario-based planning.

“The list of advantages is extensive and our goal is to support our clients in implementing a solution that positively impacts their bottom line,” concludes van den Berg. “With the Mining Accelerator we can provide the mining industry with a tool that ensures their data is secure and accurate, improves their processes and supports their growth going forward.”