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Nelson Mandela International Day recognises the birth date of a hero, a man whose work has changed the lives of millions and whose ideology is upheld by this day and what it stands for. The goal of Mandela Day is to change the world for the better, to take action and to inspire others. Organisations and individuals from across the world commit to making a difference on 18 July around the world, and Decision Inc. is no exception.

Decision Inc. takes a moment for Mandela Day“This year we have decided to work with Sparrow Schools, an organisation which provides remedial and special needs education to children from grade 01 to grade 09,” says Nick Bell, CEO, Decision Inc. “The schools adapt their pace and content to support children with special needs and play a huge role in transforming young lives and we felt that giving them much needed help was a great way for us to celebrate Mandela’s legacy.”

Decision Inc. spent two days working with the school. On 15 July, employees pulled together to create posters and charts for the grade 01 classroom, and on 18 July, they showed up at the school ready to revamp the grade 01 classroom and the Occupational Therapy Garden. Their work saw both spaces transformed into light and airy rooms where children instantly felt more comfortable and secure.

“At Decision Inc. we believe that the next generation is critical to the success of the country,” says Bell. “Without them, there is no future and with them, we can do so much more. By investing in their future, we are investing in South Africa and South Africans.”