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Decision Inc. has once again gone through our annual strategic review and realignment in order to provide better service to our clients. Through this process we review the trends and the insights that are shaping information and analytics across the globe as well as review where our clients are in their information journey.

The outcomes of this process has resulted in a number of changes that we believe are going to make a significant impact on our ability to service your business.

As the business has grown to an organisation with over 115 staff the need to ensure operational excellence and consistency has become critical to continuing to deliver on our promise to you of bringing the best insights and talent together to deliver for your business. Further to this our proposition as an integrated Decision Inc. will be a big focus for us in 2017/2018. In achieving this Henri de Bruine, previously Executive: Data and Analytics, has been promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer.

Our belief is that the lines between business intelligence, data and analytics will blur even further this year and any BI or data consultancy without specialist analytics skills will become redundant in the next 10 years. The questions that are being answered cannot only look at historic performance, they must impact future performance and provide the business with the ability to shape where and how they want to drive their business. In order to realize this vision, we have merged our Data and Analytics team with our Business Intelligence team under the leadership of Gavin Sheehan, previously Executive: Business Intelligence.

We believe that Digital will continue to be a key imperative of all clients and the need to engage staff and customers on any platform at any time will become core to our service offering. In achieving this mission, we have merged our Digital and Content and Collaboration team into a single unit under the leadership of Desmond Struwig, Executive: Digital. We will further be investing in growing our mobile development capability as we see mobile as a primary engagement platform for all organizations.

Our Enterprise Performance Management team will also see significant changes as we promote additional leaders within that business in order to drive greater service with our key teams within Johannesburg and Cape Town. We have also seen the adoption of our Cloud budgeting and planning applications showing massive growth potential and one of our fastest growing lines of business. These solutions make enterprise budgeting, planning and forecasting possible for any organization at any size and is no longer only available to the mega-company. Allan Saffy: Executive EPM will continue to lead this highly successful business into the future with his leadership team enabling us to scale the value of this service offering to our clients.

We believe that these changes will enable us to continue to grow and scale our business to greater heights whilst still remaining very focused on what has always been fundamental to our success since inception; great client service, technology and knowledge leadership and bringing the best talent to your business.
These changes not only bring greater service to your business, but also provide far greater opportunities for our consulting staff to grow and develop their career. Our Talent Development Framework has delivered exceptionally well for us this last year and our investment in our people will remain core to making our business and yours successful.