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Decision Inc.’s Gavin Sheehan predicts the trends which will define 2017

For many organisations, 2016 was a galvanising year. It was perhaps one of the most volatile in decades in terms of geopolitics, finance and social change and it triggered shifts in market and technology which are likely to be felt far beyond 2017. Business Intelligence (BI) has not been exempt from these movements and traditional BI based solutions have had to evolve in order to continue leading the way when it comes to what businesses can achieve in 2017.

BI’s momentum is set to carry well into the last quarter of this year, introducing innovative solutions which will support organisations as they navigate the oncoming political and economic storms. There is a very strong correlation between business trends and the tough politico-economic climate which is being experienced not just in South Africa, but all over the world.
Cost savings, risk reduction, clear governance and focus on value – these are more than just patterns, as budgets continue to shrink these are choices which organisations must make to thrive and survive.

The overarching trend is clear – our traditional BI approach to risk obsolescence and technological innovation is the key to unlocking the door to a sustainable future.