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Decision Inc. Launches New Digital Business

Decision Inc. is proud to announce the creation of a new Digital business unit, to complement the already diverse set of services that the company provides to clients.

“The world of digital and digital transformation is something that has the potential to impact and improve every type of business.” Says Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc. “As a strategic partner to our clients we saw it as a key area of importance to expand into, so that we can continue to support and provide them with information advisory and execution services.”

In setting up the division Decision Inc. has recruited Desmond Struwig as General Manager: Digital. Desmond has worked within digital for the last 15 years, with experience in marketing agencies and technology organisations. Previously Desmond was Head of Operations and Finance for EOH Digital.

On why he joined the company Struwig replied “Decision Inc. presents a unique and exciting opportunity.  The foundation has been set for an immensely fulfilling prospect to be involved in the growth of the company as a leading supplier of digital consulting and services. I look forward to being a part of a team that is driving business improvement for clients through a greater understanding and use of the information available within a business. In addition I will be working with a leadership team that focuses on the constant development and growth of their people.”

Struwig expands on digital opportunity “Digital information and technologies have redefined business. From reinventing the customer experience through to workforce enablement and new business models, digital permeates every aspect of an organisation. It is imperative for all organisations to understand and leverage the opportunities presented by Digital, in order to remain relevant and successful.”

“As a leading information advisory and execution provider, Decision Inc. is uniquely positioned to enable our clients to gain a digital advantage. We will strive to create enduring value within each organisation by informing digital transformation decisions with real business understanding and a proven ability to deliver.”

Bell concludes “I am excited about the opportunity to work with Desmond and believe that he will bring significant insight and experience to the team. I believe that this new offering will continue to grow and enhance the relationship with our clients.”