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Decision Inc. Forms Ground Breaking African Partnership with Adaptive Insights

In a move to transform business performance, budgeting and planning capabilities for medium sized organisations, Decision Inc. has developed a local alliance with international organisation Adaptive Insights.

One of the cornerstones of most Office of the CFO conversations today is cost. How much will a full budgeting and planning financial solution cost to implement and what will the benefit be to that all important bottom line? For Decision Inc. one way to answer these questions was to partner with Adaptive Insights, an American-based organisation with a worldwide footprint and a market-leading cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) system. It is also a leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions and is the first cloud-based CPM solution to have made it into the quadrant thus far, and Decision Inc. is their first partner in Africa.

“We wanted to find the right partner for our requirements, especially now that the cloud question has finally been put to bed,” says Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc. “We’ve also got a lot of experience in this space, consulting across multiple industries over the past 12-14 years, and we understand the CFO’s budgeting and planning strategies. Our partnership with Adaptive Insights gives us inventive tools to support our clients, allowing us to offer this high level of expertise to smaller and medium enterprises (SME) at an affordable price.”

“In addition, as a well-established Qlik partner, we immediately saw how we could assist our Qlik clients to improve their budgeting and planning. Adaptive Insights allows for seamless integration between cloud and QlikView, which is of inordinate benefit to our clients,” adds Bell. “It can be implemented using existing technology without compromising on capability. Regardless of system, clients can link to the cloud and integrate it thanks to multiple options and easy implementation opportunities.”

The new alliance provides Decision Inc, and its clients with powerful business intelligence (BI) abilities as well. Data can be fed from the solution into BI tools so customers are really just enhancing the systems they already have to gain valuable insights they really need. It also adds value in terms of remote servicing, capability and cost.

“We can now remotely service our clients in a way which wasn’t possible before,” concludes Bell. “We can be virtually on site regardless of where we are and this means we can offer incredible service and support to our clients. Our customers are saving time on work, improving productivity and we have had overwhelmingly positive reactions when we show people the price point. From an OPEX point of view, this solution and our new partnership, overcomes a lot of red tape.”

Interested CFOs can visit the Adaptive Insights page at