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Decision Inc. has implemented the QlikView analytics solution at Metorex to enable the mining group to complete its monthly reports more efficiently and timeously.

Metorex, an established mid-tier mining Group, is uniquely positioned in the southern African base metals mining industry as a pure copper and cobalt investment. In 2013, Metorex was successfully incorporated into Jinchuan Group International Resources Co Ltd, a Jinchuan subsidiary listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Previously, Metorex had difficulties in completing its monthly reports on time. The existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and IT infrastructure was not user-friendly in terms of accessing information, which significantly impacted users’ ability to complete reports. A typical month-end report would take two to three weeks to complete.

Further complicating matters was the fact that readily accessing data could take hours. Real time decision making is impossible if you cannot obtain, verify and interrogate data in a reasonable timeframe.

“As the South African QlikView partner, Decision Inc. provided Metorex with the perfect combination of local expertise and industry best practice to meet its requirements on the project,” says Nick Bell, CEO at Decision Inc.

QlikView provided Metorex with the business intelligence platform needed to improve reporting time from several weeks to a few days. Frankie Vermaak, Supply Chain Departmental Manager at Metorex, says QlikView gave the group the flexibility to automate as much of the reporting function as possible.

“This meant that we have been able to minimise the human error element often associated with the manual updating of the information. QlikView now provides us with a true reflection of the information we have on the back-end,” Vermaak says.

From the first implementation, the client has expanded the scope of the contract to include additional components. The next step is for Metorex to expand the solution to the rest of their Supply Chain components and possibly mobile within the next 12 to 24 months in order to meet its evolving needs and take advantage of evolving technology.

“Throughout the process, Decision Inc. has been a solid, knowledgeable implementation partner. The company and its consultants took the initial challenges in their stride and made sure that the implementation progressed according to plan,” adds Vermaak.

“QlikView was the ideal solution to use for the Metorex group as it gave them the speed and flexibility needed to address their monthly reporting challenge. The fact that we have been able to meet the growth demands of the client is testament to the capabilities of the QlikView solution,” concludes Bell.