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Decision Inc. has crafted a preconfigured business planning and consolidation (BPC) software and service package designed to meet the unique requirements of the manufacturing sector. The SAP Certified BPC Manufacturing Accelerator simplifies approaches that are often complex and time consuming through the use of globally recognised best practice and industry-leading technology.

The SAP Certified BPC Manufacturing Accelerator is easily and quickly deployed, offering clients a solution that is both reliable and affordable. Decision Inc. has used their extensive industry knowledge to ensure that each feature and functionality is tuned to the challenges and demands of the manufacturing sector.

Through the solution, organisations can plan sales, production, labour and capital expenditure more efficiently. In the sales environment, the Accelerator uses near real-time sales forecasts and enterprise resource planning (ERP) pricing policies and procedures for improved analysis and planning forecasts. Production plans are richer thanks to the ability to use raw material constraints, capacity and client-specific parameters to leverage impact and financial analysis. Labour headcounts and costs are effectively controlled and optimised, while capital expenditure planning introduces a full capital budget across a number of years with comprehensive data functionality.

“We are focused on creating solutions that our customers really need in the modern business environment,” says Lambertus Oosthuizen, Technical Director of Manufacturing at Decision Inc.

“Our SAP Certified BPC Manufacturing Accelerator is one such dynamic solution, one we have developed to ensure that organisations within the manufacturing sector have the tools they need to streamline processes and drive productivity.”

In addition to the ability to facilitate planning across multiple departments, the system manages CAPEX and cost centre analysis. It can determine a variety of parameters that range from itemisation and capacity planning through to maintenance costs and miscellaneous overheads.

“The Manufacturing Accelerator is designed to fit in with any business,” concludes Oosthuizen. “We have built in significant functionality to allow for complete control over integration, installation and use – this solution is about simplifying complexities, saving time and managing costs efficiently.”

Download more information on the Manufacturing Accelerator here.