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Every year, businesses are presented with the same conundrum – how to use limited resources to generate sustainable long-term value. Decision Inc. believes that digital strategy plays a pivotal role in enabling organisations to achieve maximum returns from their available IT expenditure – reducing capital outlay while introducing capacity for the latest technology and solutions. Organisations which ignore the digital transformation imperative, stand to lose out to the advantages that a focused strategy will offer their competitors.

“CIO’s with a mandate to reduce costs, can leverage new technologies and a move away from owned assets to assist them to make more effective use of their available budgets,” explains Desmond Struwig, GM of Digital, Decision Inc. “By adopting a Hybrid IT approach where enterprise IT resources are integrated with cloud-based services, the advantage of rental or demand-based models can be realised to free up CAPEX for other critical projects.”

Collaboration tools, user-based licensing models and cloud computing are all growing in capability, while Infrastructure as a Service, and Software as a Service models enable businesses to easily scale up, or down, based on their immediate needs. They allow for the CIO to reduce CAPEX spend while still giving the organisation the space it needs to adopt relevant technology.

“Digital transformation and the need to responsibly manage IT budgets are not mutually exclusive concepts,” concludes Struwig. “Through the judicious use of a focused, long and short term, digital strategy, organisations can keep budgets tight without compromising on growth or capability.”