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Decision Inc. has announced the release of its Performance Accelerators, a set of pre-built analytics and business models that are designed to provide companies with the means to improve the efficiency and usability of their business intelligence software.

From a summarised overview dashboard, to the ability to drill down into detailed views, to the capability to build ad hoc report views, the Performance Accelerators are packaged into role modules with prebuilt calculations, models, reports and dashboards.

These Accelerators have been designed in consultation with business analysts, role specialists, and technical experts to work across the functional areas of sales, human resources, procurement and finance.

Developed to be implemented within a matter of days, the Accelerators dramatically reduce the time spent analysing visualisation requirements for specific business areas. Based on best practices, the analytics will typically meet the majority of the information requirements of a functional roles within the business. The models are flexible and agile so that any additional requirements can easily be analysed and accommodated within the existing models.

“We have seen how many business intelligence implementations struggle to get started as the business battles with the process of understanding what they need in order to drive improvement in the business. With our Performance Accelerators, that process has been reduced dramatically as it provides the users with an “out the box” solution to enable them to execute on their role effectively, as well as help the organisation gain a rapid return on their investment on analytic tools,” says Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc.

Decision Inc. has partnered with the world’s top business intelligence vendors. As such, the Performance Accelerators are currently available on platforms that include SAP, QlikView and Microsoft to name a few, and for data sources such as SAP, Syspro, ACCPAC, VIP, and Pastel Evolution. Performance Accelerators have been successfully rolled out at a range of clients within the Decision Inc. base.

“The drive to make better business decisions faster can be achieved if users see their information in a clear, visual way. This enables them to assess performance over time and identify areas that need to improve,” adds Bell.

Because of its user-friendliness, the Accelerators also increases adoption of analytics across the functional roles within the organisation. By providing employees with insight into current performance against historical trends, the Accelerators are able to affect real change within the organisation much faster than would have been previously possible.

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