Teachers Mutual Bank Improves Business Efficiency and Streamlines Business Operations

Teachers Mutual Bank (TMB), one of the largest mutual banks in Australia, has more than $5.5 billion in assets and over 177,000 members primarily employed by the Australian education sector. With a growing customer base, TMB generates significant amounts of data that requires a robust and sophisticated solution to satisfy its current and future analysis needs. TMB’s accelerating data demands had outgrown its original Excel-based technology solutions, which struggled to collate and visually present data. TMB faced business-critical issues, including disorganised data from multiple sources, dated reports, and information was not readily accessible for management to use. TMB needed a solution that quickly and effectively provided a simple, visual and interactive snapshot from a trusted source of data. 

Working closely with the Data Engineering team, Decision Inc. Australia helped TBM deploy QlikView®, Qlik Sense®, and Qlik NPrinting™Leveraging the modern data analytics platforms, TMB has transformed internal processesWe streamlined the process of analysing customer data from several disparate sources to improve the responsiveness of their marketing campaigns and improve business performance. Marketing and financial reports that once took 16 days to produce are now produced in a few minutesTMB’s data accuracy has improved by 30 percent, whilst reducing IT support costs. 

TMB is now able to effectively visualise and associate member data such as demographics, spatial distribution, and home loan eligibility. Disparate data that is aggregated from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, census data and TMB’s customer data are merged and analysed dynamically to create highly targeted marketing reports and campaigns. This improves business uptake and decision making for a more efficient organisation – ultimately creating maximised value for customers. 

“We have streamlined the view of our business processes in our analytics and reporting, reduced administrative time and increased workflow efficiency. This has allowed us to leverage the insights we’ve uncovered to market ourselves more effectively to our customers.”

— Dave Chapman, CIO, Teachers Mutual Bank

In a recent video case study, Matt Cunneen, Practice Lead – Data Analytics at Decision Inc. Australia,  interviewed with Kieran O’Reilly, Data Engineering Manager. Matt and Kieran discussed the benefits of modern data analytics platforms and how they empower TMB staff to make faster, smarter critical decisions.

Watch the video below. 

Matthew Cunneen
Head of Data Analytics
Decision Inc. Australia

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