What is SAp Datasphere

SAP Datasphere is a comprehensive data service built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) that enables every data professional to deliver seamless and scalable access to mission critical business data. It is the next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, with new capabilities that enhance data discovery, modelling and distribution.


Access Authoritative Data

  • Deliver business data in its business context
  • Make it effortless to model your business
  • Ensure governance throughout the data lifecycle

Enrich all Data Projects

  • Virtually access or physically store data from anywhere
  • Leverage trusted data partners and securely share data across the organisation
  • Integrate with industry-leading data and AI platforms to capitalise on data investments

Simplify the Data Landscape

  • Innovate across hybrid architectures leveraging existing SAP models
  • Enable self-service data access
  • Leverage existing SAP BW models and transformations to innovate in the cloud

Unleash the Power of Business Data with SAP Datasphere

What is Business Data Fabric:

A business data fabric is a dynamic and integrated data management architecture that enables real-time data connectivity across systems and applications. With a technology strategy based on a business data fabric, your business can establish a harmonised and unified view of your organisation’s data.

Why you Need a Business Data Fabric:

A business data fabric provides a unified and integrated view of an organisation’s data assets, enabling faster and more efficient data access, sharing, and analysis. It creates a foundation for data-driven decision-making based on unified, cleansed, enriched, and secure data.

    • Self-service access to trusted data breeds agility and accelerated, accurate decisions
    • Comprehensive data governance assures every stakeholder that private data stays private
    • Real-time data, infused throughout your data architecture helps business users, partners, and employees make in-the-moment improvements
    • A simplified data landscape reduces costs and technical debt while maximising current investments

Transform your business with SAP Datasphere 

When organisations fully harness the power of their data, they become enterprises that use data to innovate faster, create new revenue streams, and adapt to unanticipated changes.

SAP Datasphere can make the real promise of business data being an always-on, always high-quality resource that can be relied on – without having to second guess if it is fit for purpose.

SAP Datasphere is the Foundation for a Business Data Fabric Architecture

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