SAP BPC Implementation at URENCO Group 

Decision Inc. UK has completed the global implementation of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) at nuclear fuel company, the URENCO Group to streamline its operations and enhance its business intelligence (BI) capabilities.


The URENCO Group is a nuclear fuel company operating several uranium enrichment plants in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. It supplies nuclear power stations in approximately 15 countries. In 2011, URENCO had a 29% share of the global market for enrichment services. URENCO uses patented centrifuge enrichment technology.

The requirement

In November 2010, URENCO initiated a worldwide upgrade to a global instance of SAP ECC6. Previously, sites were using different instances of SAP R3 4.7. Beyond this, URENCO decided to undertake a wide-ranging implementation of a new financial reporting and forecasting tool.

The project was divided into two phases. The first was to replace its manual spreadsheet-based budgeting and forecasting solutions. Not only was the manual approach prone to human error, but it lacked consistency and took four months to complete budgeting. The second phase was focused on implementing a financial consolidation solution.

Following the initial SAP upgrade, SAP Business Consolidation System (BCS) was implemented as an interim solution for financial consolidation. However, the organisation decided that a more permanent long-term solution was needed.

The solution

To this end, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) was selected chiefly because of its integration with SAP ECC6. This would enable URENCO to standardise processes and accounting structures. SAP BPC also enabled URENCO to build a “single truth” platform where all management reporting could come from a single solution.

Given its proven track record of successfully implementing SAP BPC, particularly on the NetWeaver (NW) platform, Decision Inc. UK was selected to deliver the URENCO SAP BPC solution. At the time of implementation, there were very few successful implementations of SAP BPC in the UK on the NW platform, and URENCO were impressed with the track record of Decision Inc. UK, its list of reference blue chip clients, and expertise both technically and financially.

The result

Following the successful implementation, several key benefits were realised for URENCO.

It resulted in a significant reduction in the manual spreadsheet-based processes and standardised the control of all processes across URENCO sites. It improved the time it took to produce budget and quarterly forecasts as well as reduced the reporting time during month-ends.

In addition to the implementation, Decision Inc. UK will continue to provide URENCO with ongoing BPC support.

About Decision Inc.

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