data-on-balance-sheetWhite paper: Putting data on the balance sheet

by the Decision Inc. Data Management Team

Data is an intangible concept. It can’t be held, but it can be harnessed. It can’t be touched, but if it is handled well it becomes an asset. For the organisation which understands the tangible value of data there is infinite opportunity and potential.

 Data is increasingly a powerful tool which can translate information into actionable insight. It can shift the course of a business with a measurable return on investment. Through the judicious use of technology which can harness the potential of data, a business can build revenue streams, transform customer engagement and make timely changes to business processes.

 For any business which wants to understand how to translate its information into an asset and how to define it within the traditional parameters of balance sheet and return on investment (ROI), this paper provides the groundwork. It examines the ROI of intangible assets, illustrating how change in data control and management can deliver financial reward. They also show how investment into data can change the way in which the business functions – streamlining employee usage, improving productivity and ensuring more efficient dissemination of resources.

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