Insights to Australia’s Top 10 Travel Destinations.
Australians are set to take off in droves, with international travel restrictions finally eased. Aussies are set to visit loved ones abroad for the first time in 18 months; business travellers are once again set to visit important clients, suppliers and stakeholders. And the travel sector, which has been the hardest hit of any during the pandemic, is set to breathe a tremendous sigh of relief with their businesses finally facing some level of certainty for the first time since the pandemic began.
But while we’ll be able to take off with a level of freedom, what about when we land? Depending on the destination, travellers could face quarantine restrictions, rising cases of COVID-19 and the potential for lockdowns, and they may even land in a place which does not recognise any of our vaccines.   It’s a lot to take in, and that’s why we did the heavy lifting for Australians and the travel sector with our Pandemic Travel Risk Index.  
Australia's top travel destinations_Decision_Inc_Aus_

We analysed the available data across the world and tracked case numbers and trends, vaccination rates, various nations’ approved vaccines, and the stringency of quarantine measures. The result is an interactive, dynamic index.

Click here to read article and to scroll over a nation to see the various vaccination rates, approved vaccines, and quarantine measures in place in each analysed nation:

We’ve also tracked case study numbers for our top 10 most popular destinations:
Australia's top travel destinations_Decision_Inc_Aus_
Australia's top travel destinations_Decision_Inc_Aus_
Data Analytics_Covid_Decision_Inc.
If you would like to know more, and hear our up-to-date recommendations based on the latest updates to the Index, get in touch.  
To read about how the index can help business travellers, leisure travellers and travel agents, check out what the media is saying about the Pandemic Risk Travel Index
Travel Weekly Travel Agents have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic, but our analysis gives them a modicum of certainty when recommending flights to excited travellers, allowing them to get back to work. Here, Travel Weekly – one of the leading publications for the travel sector – highlights our interactive map as a way to access the latest information about potential destinations to inform their clients with some confidence.

Executive Traveller

Business Travellers are looking forward to booking a flight rather than a zoom meeting. Here, Executive Traveller – the go-to news site for business travellers – highlights the Pandemic Travel Risk Index and our three recommendations for business travellers to once again meet-and-greet clients and colleagues with the least amount of hassle and risk.

Escape Travellers by nature want to travel, but despite being cooped up for 18 months within our borders, there’s still some weariness about booking. But as Escape – one of Australia’s most widely read travel titles – describes: “Some countries are considered a “safer bet” for travelling Aussies. There are a number of ever-changing factors to consider in this equation, but thankfully some maths wizards have done the hard work crunching the numbers for us.”


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