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Global State of Customer Service

The transformation of customer service from 2015 to present day

Since the first Global State of Customer Service study in 2015, customer expectations have continued to rise over time. Consistently delivering exceptional service is challenging for any brand, especially with fierce competition in an overcrowded market, not to mention the continual onslaught of new and emerging technologies that promise to uplift customer satisfaction.

One constant in this volatile landscape is that brand differentiation is aligned with customer experience. Organisations that understand this plurality, remain agile and attentive, and learn to create a consistently positive customer experience will prosper and move forward. Organisations that are less fluid and fail to respond to the customer’s expectations will contract and eventually fade from view.

To create a positive customer experience, you as organisation must understand customer behaviors, preferences, and expectations. This knowledge, combined with the latest technology and the ability to reimagine the delivery of customer service, your organisation can then consistently craft experiences that build loyalty and engagement.

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Discover how to proactively deliver better customer experiences with the insights on worldwide customer service trends you will find in Global State of Customer Service: The Transformation of Customer Service from 2015 to Present Day.

Global State of Customer Service

Based on a survey of more than 5,000 consumers across Brazil, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, this report provides comprehensive data and analysis that illustrate how prioritising customer service performance leads to brand loyalty that increases customer retention and grows revenue—and what you can do to foster it in your business

In this e-book you will learn:

  • Using omnichannel experiences and AI to enable a holistic view of your customer journey for faster, more accurate issue resolution.
  • Creating proactive customer service notifications to enhance your brand affinity.
  • Providing agents with a knowledge base of product, customer, and account information to ensure you have positive customer interactions.
  • Automating your customer feedback mechanisms to monitor customer sentiment and satisfaction.

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