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Customer Service


Provide your employees with the right tools to intelligently handle customer requests and give a superior customer experience

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Empower your organisation to provide the best customer experience for exceptional customer outcomes


The customer service landscape is changing. Self-service, personalisation and omni-channel communication options are all becoming crucial in giving a superior customer experience and growing customer loyalty.

The impact of automation can have profound effects on productivity and the customer experience. AI and robotics can help deliver the promised benefits of improved customer experience, customer analytics and business intelligence.

If a customer has a poor experience with your customer service organisation, they are likely to stop doing business with your company altogether.

This focus on customer loyalty is all about the customer experience and the revenue generated from happy customers. According to, returning customers spend up to 67 percent more than new customers. And when you consider the high cost of marketing to acquire new customers is on average, 6 to 7 times more expense than retaining customers, focusing on customer retention makes financial good sense.

The power of implementing a Customer Service CRM strategy


Of consumers expect businesses to offer an online self-service support portal


Of consumers expect personalisation as a standard of service


Reduction in call, chat or email inquiries when implementing chat bots

Provide consistently exceptional customer experiences

Exceed customer expectations by identifying and removing barriers that inhibit a seamless, positive brand experience

Personalise Your Service

Consistently exceed customer expectations by leveraging AI insights to proactively resolve issues before customers are even aware of them. Leverage self-service tools like chat bots to personalise the customer experience and generate cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Empower Your People

Increase customer service agent productivity by automating routine inquiries. Leverage AI to dynamically guide customer service agents to the right action and improve cross-company collaboration to close cases faster with an increased first time resolution rate. 

Unify Your Technology

Simplify planned experiences through a 360-degree view of the customer journey. Enable AI-driven data processes with insights built on a unified data estate. Drive innovation and enable an agile support model to optimise staffing and allocate resources appropriately.

Agent Productivity

Omni-channel Experience

Call-Centre Management


Single View of a Customer



AI & Insights