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Enhance Productivity and Drive Revenue with Hyper-Automation

03 June 2024

Serieta Gounden

Business Manager | Modern Workplace

at Decision Inc. South Africa 

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying competitive means embracing innovation and streamlining processes. Hyper-Automation is emerging as a key strategy for achieving these goals. This disciplined approach quickly identifies, evaluates, and automates both business and IT processes, leading to greater agility and productivity.

The Rise of Hyper-Automation

According to a recent Gartner Peer Community survey, more industries are adopting Hyper-Automation. Financial services and enterprise applications are particularly leveraging tools like the Power Platform to enhance their operations and workforce capabilities.

Financial Services Leading the Way

Financial services leaders are at the forefront of Hyper-Automation, focusing on efficiency and innovation. Many are investing in or planning to implement Hyper-Automation within the next 18 months. This technology is not just a trend but a strategic necessity in sectors like retail and commercial banking and wealth management.



of financial services leaders have already invested in or plan to deploy Hyper-Automation within the next 18 months



of retail and commercial banking leaders and 83% of wealth management leaders intend to increase their annual spending on Hyper-Automation over the next two years

Overcoming Barriers to Hyper-Automation

Despite its benefits, implementing Hyper-Automation can be challenging. Common obstacles include:


Vendor Organisation and Readiness

Differences in vendor maturity and misalignment with business goals can hinder progress. Organisations need to choose technologies that align with their objectives.


Siloed Functions

Lack of collaboration between departments can stall Hyper-Automation projects. It’s essential to address stakeholders’ concerns and promote a collaborative culture.


Failure to Overhaul Processes

Focusing on individual technologies rather than a holistic approach can limit the potential of Hyper-Automation. Leaders should prioritise comprehensive process improvements.


Empowering Organisations with Hyper-Automation

To overcome these barriers, organisations can use various resources such as assessment frameworks and case studies. These tools help prioritise automation opportunities, align the organisation, and drive sustainable improvements.

Strategic partnerships, like those with Decision Inc., can also aid in the seamless integration and implementation of Hyper-Automation technologies. Platforms like Power Platform can unlock new levels of efficiency, agility, and innovation, enabling employees to achieve meaningful business outcomes.

In conclusion, Hyper-Automation is transforming how organisations optimise processes and enhance workforce capabilities. By overcoming implementation barriers and adopting a holistic approach, businesses can achieve sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge in the digital age.

To stay ahead, act now. Discover how Hyper-Automation can revolutionise your organisation. Partner with Decision Inc. to navigate your Hyper-Automation journey smoothly.

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