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Unleash the power of your data with Decision Inc. and Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform

James Cronje_Engagement_Manager_Decision_Inc_

24 August , 2022

James Cronje, Engagement Manager,

South Africa, Decision Inc.

A partnership ensuring business growth through data driven insights, at your fingertips.


Decision Inc., a leader in data-driven technology transformation, has partnered with Snowflake to revolutionise our clients’ approach to Data Management, Insight Sharing, and a true Data-Driven Culture; one with no interruptions, minimal administration, and one that is future-proof. Snowflake enables businesses with a single cloud platform with governed access to all your business data, providing unlimited scale and workloads running on top of any of the three major clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP). Coupled with Decision Inc.’s industry expertise and innate understanding of data management, storage, and analytic complexities, this cloud-based solution delivers performance, concurrency, simplicity, and results.

Traditional approaches run the risk of being unable to keep up with growing datasets and demanding workloads. This lack of flexibility can lead to stale, inconsistent insights across the business, with a heavy focus on infrastructure and maintenance. Without a suitable platform in place, businesses are unable to unleash the potential of their data assets.

James Cronje, Engagement Manager, South Africa, Decision Inc. 

In addition, many organisations in the market are limited in their ability to capitalise on data, often because these initiatives are supported by architecture that is costly and complex.

A Unique Data Innovation

“Snowflake’s unique architecture allows businesses to store and access data in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional on-premise, open source, or alternative cloud solutions,” says Selim Abid from Snowflake.

Snowflake’s unique architecture separates storage, compute, and services, allowing compute and storage to scale independently. It is an innovative approach that allows for improved scalability and performance.

Selim Abid , Channel & Alliances Lead, META, Snowflake

Snowflake combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms, and cloud elasticity at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. 

With exciting topics including querying data without importing into Snowflake, materialised views, external tables, Iceberg tables, data lake, and data lakehouse concepts, it is no wonder Snowflake has the world’s attention.

The platform uses a columnar storage system that’s optimised for analytics and application workloads and can query the data more efficiently. This results in faster performance and supports data-driven decision-making in real-time. Customer data, inventory levels, and business operations are tracked more efficiently and allow companies to deliver richer customer service.


What sets Snowflake apart

Snowflake offers a compelling differentiator in terms of sharing data to either named recipients, organisational groups, or through the Marketplace. The ease at which data can be monetised and shared is just as appealing as the enrichment of current data sets from the Snowflake Marketplace.

Organisations can also leverage the technology to reduce their reliance on third-party storage and analytics providers to save on expenditure. As a cloud-based platform, Snowflake has sophisticated security features in place that provide granular control over who can access which data, including masking. This level of security is further enhanced by built-in encryption that protects from unauthorised access. As a result, Snowflake is an ideal solution for organisations that need to store, analyse, and share large volumes of data, quickly and securely.

Together the possibilities are endless

“Decision Inc. has partnered with Snowflake to ensure that we provide the best data-driven solutions for any business, which can be introduced at different stages of maturity and for various use cases,” says James.

Combining the Snowflake platform with Decision Inc.’s expertise and business applications ensures that our customers get real-time insights, absolute value, and measurable cost savings without losing control of their data.

James Cronje, Engagement Manager, South Africa, Decision Inc. 


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Quick insights and delivery means that innovation is accelerated. Decision Inc. sees this partnership as another means to execute our clients’ strategy through data. Not only in terms of accessing data from the platform, but moreover in the significant time savings in the set-up of the Snowflake environment, management of costs and accounts, and the implementation of our projects.

The results are tangible

Snowflake provides an easy-to-use interface, and exceptional data storage capabilities, and when combined with our industry experience and technological capabilities, you gain superlative control and analytic outcomes. Built for speed and access, insights can be readily shared and analysed in real-time, transforming business decisions and influencing results.

Examples of how we can support your business initiatives in the real world include:


Gaining a richer understanding of customer buying behaviour


Identifying customer trends


Predicting customer needs


Optimising marketing campaigns


Improving website design


Stable and scalable infrastructure supporting your business applications


Unlocking value in all data sources


The applications of Snowflake are endless and are not confined to specific industries. The combination of this world class platform and our consultant expertise will surely set any business up for success. The possibilities truly are endless. 

To find out more about how Decision Inc. can help your organisation leverage the potential of Snowflake, we invite you to attend our partnership launch event in Johannesburg on the 14th of September 2022. Book your spot today.

For more information about how Snowflake works and how it can be optimised to suit your unique real-world requirements visit:

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About Decision Inc.

Digital partners need to be more than just technology delivery service providers. They need to bring deep industry and functional insights, embedded in the technology platforms of the industry, to help clients make an impact. This approach is defined by Decision Inc. and its Pursuit of Progress. Decision Inc. leads the way as a digital strategy and execution partner for organisations around the world, providing them with the tools, expertise and industry understanding that they need to conceive a robust strategic roadmap and transformation agenda.

Organisations that are fit and capable, that can handle the uncertainty of market and economy, are those that have adopted a model of transformation that’s focused on progress. They’ve adopted the mindset of continuous improvement, innovation and agility.

A mindset defined by Decision Inc. and our commitment in working with clients to scale their Pursuit of Progress.

With a business model designed to deliver exceptional capabilities across multiple markets while ensuring local excellence in all engagements, Decision Inc. is the perfect partner in the Pursuit of Progress, for the right reasons. 

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