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Understanding Why Employee Engagement is Critical for Business Success 


13 May, 2022

Natalie Meikle-Braes,

HR Manager at Decision Inc. South Africa

In a consulting environment, engagement translates to the willingness of an employee to represent the organisational brand and give it their best when it comes to dealing with clients. This engagement is a direct reflection of their passion and satisfaction in being part of the business.

It is therefore imperative for organisations to understand their employees. And the best way of doing so is by listening to them when they provide feedback on where things can be improved. This will help create an environment that will make employees thrive. At Decision Inc., we have always taken great pride in the high levels of employee engagement that have been achieved through focused initiatives and collaboration amongst our teams.

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Of course, the past two years have made this a challenging operational issue to navigate. But despite this, we have maintained high levels of engagement through a people-centric, technology-driven approach.

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As an organisation, we are proud to say we have overcome the potential challenges that can result from a hybrid working environment and the impact it can have on employee engagement. This provides the best of both worlds as people work together when there are key moments for in person collaboration and can remain focused in their own environment when that is required.

Employee engagement is the cornerstone of success regardless of company size or industry sector. 

– Natalie Meikle-Braes, Decision Inc. SA

As far back as 2013, an HBR survey found that 71% of respondents ranked employee engagement as very important to achieving overall business success. 

Employee engagement is also not a once-off process. It must be managed and measured on an ongoing basis. Fundamentally, having a high overall employee satisfaction is key to the success of any consulting business.

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