About Tsogo Sun

Tsogo Sun is a premier gaming, hotel and entertainment group in Southern Africa.

The Requirement

One of Tsogo Sun’s business models is to make use of travel agents who make bookings on behalf of clients. Clients pay the travel agent directly. Tsogo Sun produces high volumes of invoices for Travel Agents at each individual hotel across the country. All these invoices have to be manually processed and sent by courier or post and delivered to the correct client. This is done by sending all invoices to regional hubs in major city centres for sorting and processing.

The Solution

Decision Inc. proposed developing the new Customer Hub on Microsoft SharePoint technology with additional customisation and workflow integration into the different systems of Tsogo Sun.

The system was built to capture the invoices generated by the property management system on a nightly basis and import them into an online portal. Each travel agent has its own micro-site to log in and view invoices in close to real-time. We also built in a notification functionality to email the travel agent as soon as an invoice has been loaded on to the site.

The Value Derived

  • The new system gives the respective stakeholders the ability to view invoices online and mark queries, for faster resolution.
  • Significant impact on the reduction of debtor days.
  • The system is not only user-friendly but extremely secure as well. All the invoices and supporting slips and other documentation are combined into a single PDF document and made searchable.
  • Integrated a background process check with SAP to show whether the payment has been received.



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