Top 12 Transformative Insights in Financial Services

In financial analytics today, you face a host of challenges.

Increased competition, market volatility, and evolving regulations are creating a perfect storm of uncertainty and pressure. How can you stay profitable in that environment? By maintaining a laser focus on your business.

To do that, you need a data analytics platform that empowers you to:

  • Build lasting client relationships
  • Simplify offerings and streamline operations
  • Drive sustainable, responsible growth

With the right data analytics solution, staff at every level – in every department – can uncover insights that drive competitive edge. By unpacking your KPIs and providing transparency into trends, concentrations, and anomalies, you can open the door to countless new opportunities – while mitigating emerging risks.

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As the digital revolution in financial services accelerates, leading firms are gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging their most strategic resource: data. With Qlik®, financial services firms are linking disparate data sources and empowering departments with self-service to uncover actionable insights.

Qlik’s Visual Analytics Platform is now in use across thousands of companies in different parts of the financial services supply chain, from retail banks, brokers, wealth managers and agents, through to investment banks, exchanges, insurers, central banks, and regulators.

What’s Inside?

This eBook explores Qlik’s Top 12 Transformative Insights in Financial Services and gain the advantage your firm needs to manage risk, improve sales and build strong customer relationships.

The top solutions include:

    • Sales performance
    • Loan portfolio performance
    • Scenario modeling and stress testing
    • Underwriting and pricing rating factor analysis
    • And more…
Practices of Top Controllers


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