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Together, data analytics and human expertise can achieve great outcomes

Many organisations are unable to forecast what is likely to happen in the future and why. And while it would appear that lacking this ability to predict outcomes amid economic headwinds and uncertainty is understandable, those which can’t forecast the future, risk falling behind those who can.

 Organisations across the globe are investing in data scientists to create machine learning models and make predictions, to forecast the future and differentiate against their competition. 


Machine Learning, or ML, is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science focused on recognising patterns and drivers in historical data in order to predict future outcomes.  It is used in all industries to predict outcomes and promote action in areas such as sales forecasting, churn reduction, customer acquisition, inventory optimisation, spend analysis and more.

Increasingly, organisations are augmenting their internal analytics capabilities with automated toolsets featuring Machine Learning to do the heavy lifting on the forecasting front

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One of those toolsets  is world leading AutoML from Qlik.

Qlik’s AutoML brings the power of machine learning and predictive analytics directly to business analysts and analytics teams, allowing them to easily generate machine learning models, make predictions, and plan decisions – all within an intuitive, code-free user experience.

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It allows users to create ML experiments, identify key drivers in the dataset and generate models for training and refinement. Users  can then make future predictions on forward-looking data, complete with prediction influencer data (Shapely values) at the record-level.

 This allows organisations to understand not just what might happen, but why it might happen and what action can be taken to best affect outcomes. With Olik AutoML, organisations in any sector can apply the power of AI and ML to typical use cases, helping their teams to increase the value of its analytics investments.

 Organisations are relying on Qlik AutoML more than ever before. But to get the most of ML, they also need someone who knows the right data to ingest into that platform in the first place. That’s where we come in – and we’ve done the hard yards to prove the validity of our combined expertise.

Decision Inc. Australia and Qlik Predict Outcomes of World Cycling Competitions with Machine Learning

What if there was a way to see the power of Machine Learning through something as universally understood as sport?

 We wanted to test our data expertise and know-how, along with Qlik AutoML, to show just how powerful data analytics, ML, AI and expertise can be in predicting outcomes. We set out to predict the outcomes of both the 2022 Tour de France and the UCI World Championships.

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The results were outstanding!

While the machine itself can analyse available data quickly and accurately, it needs a human touch, an expert, to know what data to ingest and what is most relevant.

What holds true of cycling holds true of business: together, data analytics and human expertise can achieve great outcomes, and in many cases even predict the future.

 So, if your business is ready to step onto the path to progress, get in touch and, together, we can help shape the road ahead for your organisation.

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