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Three Ways Sales and Marketing Alignment Reduces Costs

While many professionals are currently operating in a distributed work environment, even when colleagues are in the same office, sales and marketing misalignment is common. The two teams often have different goals and KPIs, use different platforms, and create separate sets of data.

Ideally, sales and marketing colleagues would use the same solution, so that they can benefit from each other’s data and insights. During a major economic disruption, the potential for misalignment between sales and marketing is multiplied. This can lead to costly duplicative work, lost opportunities, and wasted time on administrative work that hurts the bottom line—and when you can least afford it.

Organisations that proactively align sales and marketing reap many benefits. These include a more consistent, seamless experience for their customers, lower customer acquisition costs, less overhead spent on administrative work, and the ability to capture data that spans the entire marketing and sales pipeline. This data can then provide the clearest and most actionable insights on where companies should—and should not—invest to earn the highest ROI.

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Learn how aligning sales and marketing to an integrated system that shares data and insights can build a more accurate buyer profile and reduce your costs through:

    • Reducing the cost of customer acquisition.
    • Aligning reporting to cut unnecessary expenses.
    • Automating administrative work and reducing overhead.
    • Providing consistent and seamless transitions during the buyer journey.

You’ll also discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helped one customer improve their ROI by 180 percent in one year.

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