The Top 8 Trends Every COO Should Know About the Future of Manufacturing

the future of manufacturing

Since the beginning of the First Industrial Revolution, manufacturing has been the force pushing industrial and societal transformation forward. Today, as we not only turning the page on a new year, but on a new decade, we find ourselves in the midst of yet another industrial revolution. As a new generation of sophisticated technologies become more readily available, they are transforming manufacturing into a highly connected, intelligent, and ultimately, more productive industry. The man-powered shop floor of the past is being replaced by smart manufacturing facilities where tech-savvy workers, aided by intelligent robots, are creating the products of the future.

Modern manufacturers are no longer just makers; they are the thread that connects the entire lifecycle of a product. To thrive in this modern environment, they must increasingly rely upon technology to power breakthrough innovations and drive more intelligent operations.

How will these manufacturing trends impact your future success?


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  • Unified data and intelligent technology are driving connected manufacturing.
  • Applied artificial intelligence and automation make manufacturing smarter and safer.
  • Focus is shifting toward improved customer experiences and personalization.
  • Technology is enabling more streamlined and precise R&D practices.
  • Ethical business processes and solutions are moving up the priority list.
  • Intelligent supply chains and planning capabilities are the key to competitive advant


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