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Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends for 2022


Title: The Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends for 2022

Type: On-Demand Webinar 

Duration: 50 Minutes

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The pandemic has drastically changed the way of business. Shifting consumer behaviours and needs have invalidated many of the data and analytics strategies that many organisations have been relying on for years. Businesses now need to find new ways to understand, reach and serve customers effectively. To do it, they need a new approach to Data and Analytics that looks nothing like the one before.

Enter the rise of small, wide data, composable analytics, a deeper focus on engineered business intelligence and a host of other key trends remaking the data and analytics space in 2022 and beyond.

Discover what’s next ― so you can plan ahead. 

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In this complimentary webinar, Gavin Sheehan – our Data, Information and Analytics Executive at Decision Inc. explores the top trends for 2022 that Data and Analytics leaders cannot afford to ignore, as well as the opportunities these trends will bring for your business over the next 3 years.


You will discover:

    • How did the pandemic change the Data and Analytics world?
    • What are the top Data and Analytics trends for 2022?
    • How to harness your data like a pro 
    • How organisations can benefit from these trends to accelerate their capabilities to anticipate, shift and respond faster to unforeseen events.

Meet your speaker

Gavin Sheehan

Data, Information and Analytics Executive at Decision Inc.

I have been involved in the data and analytics industry since 2005 and have been very fortunate to have worked with the leading companies in their respective industries across a variety of different tools and technologies.

Over my years of experience, I have come to realise that the true measurement of a successful implementation is not whether it was delivered on time, to budget and specification but also its informational reach and overall impact on the business and users.

I am passionate about partnering with my clients to harness the full potential of their information and, using technology, assist them in their digital transformation journey.

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