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The Threat Within Your Business

Threat within your business

Protecting data from insider risks

The threat from within

When the average person imagines threats inside an organisation, they quite often imagine some dramatic Hollywood scenario. A disgruntled employee lured by a philosophical agenda or money abuses his or her position to gain access to sensitive information. That is then passed on to malicious characters on the outside. It all feels very dangerous and dramatic and looks great on the big screen. But, in fact that almost never happens. The truth is usually far more ordinary and uneventful.

The fact is, most data breaches are not the result of sabotage or theft, but instead accidents or employee incompetence. No matter how the data was compromised and exposed, the consequences to customers and the bank can be equally catastrophic. Trust is eroded. Business is lost. Reputations are ruined.

So even if a bank doesn’t have to worry about an international criminal organisation compromising and recruiting one of its employees, there’s still plenty to worry about. And there’s still plenty the bank can do to secure its customer data and accounts. That starts by knowing the most common sources of insider data breaches.

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What’s Inside?

This e-book discusses the source of insider attacks and how banks can defend against them through the following three sources:

1. Accidental

These are one-time accidents that were never intended to happen and are usually the result of oversight.

2. Incompetence

This is more systemic, resulting from incompetence or laziness, the kind of shortcuts that are a disaster waiting to happen.

3. Malicious

The result of malicious intent, purposeful theft or sabotage by an employee or contractor who may be part of a larger conspiracy.

Find out how you can develop strong and effective policies that provide strict guidelines for keeping your data secure.

Threat within your business


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