The New Intelligent Supply Chain

Strategies for agility, sustainability and operational excellence

The recent shift in consumer behaviours has accelerated the need to create connected, agile and data-empowered organisations.

Rapidly evolving consumer preferences. A changing and disruptive retail landscape. The dramatic rise of e-commerce. Supply chain shortages and the unprecedented consumer demand for sustainably produced products.

These changes are largely driven by the three Cs: consumers, customers and capabilities.

  • Consumers: Consumers’ purchasing preferences are rapidly evolving. Sustainability and convenience are now high on all consumers’ agendas. Also, opportunities are increasing as purchasers are progressively joining the global consuming class.
  • Customers: The changing retail landscape is impacting the industry. Large retail chains, put under pressure by online and discount retailers, are pushing consumer goods companies to offer deeper discounts on products while prioritising their own private-label products to increase margins.
  • Capabilities: Given these shifts in behaviour among consumers and customers, companies need to adapt their historic operating models. This means rethinking marketing investments, enabling better communication across their enterprise ecosystems and aggregating data sources to enable them to make faster and more accurate business decisions.

In this changing retail landscape, companies have begun to build an agile, connected and resilient supply chain to maximize operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability.

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The future of supply chain is based on optimising operations, utilising intelligent business applications that use sensors and intelligence to create autonomous supply chains. Find out how we our supply chain solution can optimise your retail business.

The challenges facing the consumer goods and retail industries are real.
And so are the opportunities.

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In this eBook, The New Intelligent Supply Chain: Strategies for agility, sustainability, and operational excellence, you will learn how to adapt in a rapidly evolving marketplace by effectively navigating these macro forces:

  •  Rapidly changing consumer expectations.
  • Growing demands for sustainability.
  • The shift to a digitally fuelled supply chain.
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